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The Carry-Van is a community-created cosmetic item for the Sniper. It is a cardboard replica of Sniper's camper van, seen in Meet the Sniper, that he wears around his hips and lower torso, supported by a pair of suspenders that go over his shoulders.

This item can only be worn around Halloween or during a Full Moon; at other times of the year, it does not appear in gameplay, unless the server has Halloween mode enabled. However, it can be equipped at any time and can still be viewed on the loadout screen even when it is not visible during games.

The Carry-Van was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Update history

October 9, 2023 Patch #1 (Scream Fortress XV)

  • The Carry-Van was added to the game.

October 19, 2023 Patch

  • Fixed the rigging on the straps to avoid clipping when running.
  • Fixed misplaced ambient occlusion on the material.
  • Fixed rim mask being black in places it wasn't supposed to.
  • Fixed a hole in-between the window and top of the van.
  • Fixed LODs to represent above changes.

December 18, 2023 Patch

  • Updated the Carry-Van to fix a problem with the LOD files