Pompous Privateer

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Plundering for sandviches(sic) and looking good doing it.
Pompous Privateer publicity blurb

The Pompous Privateer is a community-created cosmetic item for the Scout. It replaces the Scout's default shirt and removes his dog tags with a pirate outfit, consisting of a light team-colored shirt with long sleeves and a collar, a team-colored vest over it with golden trimmings, a wide belt with a big, gold buckle across his chest, and a dark team-colored cloth around his waist.

The Pompous Privateer was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Update history

July 25, 2019 Patch (Summer 2019 Pack)

  • The Pompous Privateer was added to the game.


  • A Privateer is a sailor on a privately owned armed ship permitted by its government to be used in war.


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