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For the Soldier cosmetic item with a similar name, see Brain Bucket.
He was a Skater boy!
Boston Brain Bucket publicity blurb

The Boston Brain Bucket is a community-created cosmetic item for the Scout. It replaces the Scout's hat and headphones with a slightly damaged skateboard helmet strapped around his chin.

This item has five styles, named "Class Logo", "Baseball", "Bonk!", "Chicken", and "Blank". The "Class Logo" style makes it team-colored with a white stripe along the middle and the Scout's class emblem on the sides, the "Baseball" style makes it resemble a baseball, complete with red stitching and the Ball Fortress logo on the front, the "Bonk!" style makes it team-colored and fashioned after Bonk! Atomic Punch, the "Chicken" style makes it team-colored with two white stripes along the middle and the Conquistador Fried Giblets logo on both sides, and the "Blank" style makes it entirely black.

The Boston Brain Bucket was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


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RED Boston Brain Bucket Class Logo.png
Boston Brain Bucket Baseball.png
RED Boston Brain Bucket Bonk!.png
RED Boston Brain Bucket Chicken.png
Boston Brain Bucket Blank.png
Class Logo Baseball Bonk! Chicken Blank

Update history

July 29, 2022 Patch (Summer 2022 Pack)

  • The Boston Brain Bucket was added to the game.

August 11, 2022 Patch

  • Added Blank style that was originally missed.
  • Fixed style names not aligning with the styles.


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