Mann of the House

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I bring home little piggy bacon.[1]
Mann Of The House publicity blurb

The Mann of the House is a community-contributed cosmetic item item for the Heavy. It replaces the Heavy's default grey pants and dark belt with baggy, khaki trousers with cuffs and creases and a brown belt with a gray buckle.

The Mann of the House was contributed to the Steam Workshop.

Update history

December 20, 2013 Patch (Smissmas 2013)

  • The Mann of the House was added to the game.

January 23, 2014 Patch

  • Changed the Mann of the House's name from Mann of House to Mann of the House.

November 10, 2014 Patch

July 7, 2016 Patch (Meet Your Match Update)

  • [Undocumented] Added Strange quality.