Halloween Package

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The Halloween Package is an action item. It is represented in the backpack as a lit Jack o' Lantern candy basket with a green handle. Upon opening, it grants the player an untradable item introduced in past Halloween events. The item granted is randomly selected from a droplist that includes all the cosmetic items previously granted from Haunted Halloween Gifts and Halloween Gift Cauldrons. The droplist also includes one weapon (the Bat Outta Hell) and one action item (the Kritz or Treat Canteen). There is a small chance that the item will be of Haunted quality.

In addition to the normal drop, one or more bonus items may be granted as well. These can be Spellbook Pages or untradable, unmarketable cases from the current year's Halloween event.

Turning in a Halloween Contract with the primary objective completed awards the player with a Halloween Package.

Update history

October 26, 2017 Patch

  • [Undocumented] The Halloween Package was added to the game.