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Mann up, ladies!
The Soldier

The Tour of Duty Ticket is a tool item that allows entry onto an official Mann Up server. This item can only be redeemed in Mann Up Mode and is only consumed upon successful completion of a mission. If the mission is not beaten for any reason, the ticket is not consumed and can be used again later.


After finishing a Mann Up mission or tour, the player is awarded random loot.

Upon mission completion:

Upon tour completion you may also receive:

  • Australium weapons (only on Advanced or Expert).
  • Botkiller weapons (always drops, except on Two Cities).
  • Specialized Killstreak Kit Fabricator (Two Cities only, always drops).
  • Professional Killstreak Kit Fabricator (Two Cities only).
  • Killstreak Kits (always drops).

Completing a repeated mission does not consume the ticket either, however the Tour of Duty Badge progress is not updated and no reward is awarded.

Update history

August 15, 2012 Patch (Mann vs. Machine Update)

  • [Undocumented] Added Tour of Duty Ticket to the game.

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