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Basic information
Map type Mann vs. Machine
File name: mvm_goldpit_rc2
Version: Release Candidate 2
Release date: October 6th, 2018
Last updated: May 7th, 2021
Developer(s): Asd417
Link(s): TF2Maps
Map Info
Environment: Desert
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×1  •  Mediumhealth.png ×5  •  Largehealth.png ×1
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Mediumammo.png ×5   •   Largeammo.png ×5

Goldpit is a community-created Mann vs. Machine made by Asd417. It is set in a gold mining facility.

This map features two gates that are notably separated from the main path. Unlike most other maps with gates, robots will spawn from all available spawns, rather than the currently active gate. An example would be if Gate A is captured during a wave, then robots can spawn from both Gate A and their main spawn. A blackboard in the defender's spawn explains this to players. Additionally, a new bomb appears with every gate captured. Tanks do not appear in this map.

This map was featured in Operation Madness vs Machines with the Intermediate difficulty mission Exciting Excavation and the Advanced difficulty mission Gold Rush. It appeared again in Operation Digital Directive with the Advanced difficulty mission Equal Opposites and Advanced difficulty mission Gilded Mainframe.


Hatch Area

  • Hatch: The hatch resides on a raised hill in front of the defender's spawn. A small storage shed is placed near it that offers both cover and a large health pack and ammo pack.
  • Valley: A long valley surrounds the hatch on its front and right. Robots will traverse the entire length of this path to deliver the bomb.
  • Silo & Red Valley Mining Building: An overlook into the next area that is bridged to the hatch. Engineer bots will attempt to build here when the bomb is far enough into the area.
  • Mineshaft: A short mineshaft that grants defender's a shortcut into the next area.

Railway Paths

Three lanes of increasing height placed next to each other. Robots will traverse all three of these paths depending on which gates are captured.

  • Bottom Path: A deep path where most of the robots spawning from their main spawn will traverse. Also leads to Gate A and joins with the Middle Path at its end.
  • Middle Path: A mid-ground path that wraps around the Bottom path. Has a number of stairways that can be used to access Gate B. It connects with the Bottom Path at its end and can potentially be a flank for robots based on defender's positions.
  • Top Path: The very top path where Gate B resides. Wraps around and avoids the junction with the Bottom and Middle path. Offers a number of overlooks over the other paths and exits into the hatch area. The Mineshaft shortcut also exits into here.
  • Tunnel: The Bottom and Middle path lead into a tunnel that wraps upward into the end of the top path. A platform in the middle gives a defendable position. A shortcut is placed here that defenders can use to access the front.
  • Gate A: Situated far from the main paths on a raised platform. Robots that spawn here can use it to traverse to the middle and top paths more quickly.


  • Side Structure: A building that can be used by defenders to quickly access Gate A.
  • Upgrade Station: An upgrade station that can be used in-between waves. Also connects to the Tunnel shortcut.
  • Platform: A concrete platform that can be used as a defendable spot. A small ramp on its side can be used by robots as a flank.
  • Cliffs: Two large drop offs are used by the robots to enter the playspace. A tall boulder acts as central cover here.


  • With a skillful jump and teleport placement, it is possible to get on top of the roof of the defender's spawn through the indoor windows. Doing so displays an annotation reading "Enjoy the view!"