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Mvm shadows b3.png
Basic information
Map type Mann vs. Machine
File name: mvm_shadows_b3
Version: Beta 3
Developer(s): Blade x64
Map Info
Environment: Farmland
Setting: Night

Shadows is an unreleased community-made Halloween-themed Mann vs. Machine map. It takes place on a dairy farm surrounded by endless darkness. It was the only new map introduced by Potato's Custom MvM Servers for the Memes vs Machines tour. It came with an Intermediate mission also named Shadows.

Merasmus and Flying Saucers can join the game on particular waves. Blue beams from the sky indicate the direction of incoming robot attacks.



These are three different areas in total darkness where robots spawn on some waves. Players, for the most part, cannot see the spawning robots except for the effects of muzzle flashes, projectiles, status effects and the bomb carrier's outline. The robots, however, can see the players no problem. It's recommended to use the Pyro in these sections, as its fire will help identify robots in the dark.

  • West: The pasture west of Spawn is mostly empty, with a low but jumpable fence blocking robot entry and a tractor for cover.
  • North: The pasture north of Spawn is also empty, with only a Shack for cover, but with much more dark space, making identifying robots a bit harder.
  • East: The pasture east of Spawn, while still mostly being empty, has a combine and a couple round bales that can block projectiles and can be used as platforms.


East and West robot bomb carriers pass through barns on either side of the Manure Lagoon.

  • Dairy Barn: West side robots pass through the milking stalls, players may fire down on them from the loft.
  • Hay Barn: East side robots pass through the upper loft.


  • South: The corn, as well as darkness, partially obscures the player's vision, but does not seem to affect their weapons or movement in any way. In the middle of this cornfield is a tractor, which has run over some of the corn allowing for some cover and partial vision.

Bomb hatch

The bomb hatch is located in the middle of a Manure Lagoon, north of Spawn.


The Spawn windows face north, overlooking the Manure Lagoon.

  • Drop Down: Exit down to the Manure Lagoon with a Large Ammo Pickup and a Medium Health Pickup.

Landing Pad

Within the Spawn, any jump higher than a normal single jump launches the player up many stories to the Alien Landing Pad. An Engineer can make the Sentry jump by building in the muck under the Drop Down. Any class can make the jump during a High Jump or Zero Gravity spell. ​Falling from this platform is potentially survivable, landing in the areas in front of the Spawn. Engineers can build in most locations up here.

  • Alien's Bomb Hole: A drop down through the end of the Landing Pad.
  • Tunnel: A very dark Tunnel runs under the Landing Pad. Jumping through the Alien's Bomb Hole, it is possible to fall through a hole broken into the floor of the Tunnel, back to the ground; but, at the correct angles, it is possible to land in the Tunnel. In other places, the Tunnel has much harder to see, but jumpable, holes.
  • Jump Room: At one end of the Tunnel is a room with a Jump Down hole. Jumping through the hole returns the player to the map, gaining about twelve seconds of ÜberCharge and guaranteed critical hits, but about 5 seconds are used up in the fall. A Teleporter Exit is probably more effective here than anywhere else on the map.


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