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I don't know how to lose. I tried it once. It didn't work.
The Scout

The Dustbowl Default is an community-created special taunt for the Scout.

When activated, the Scout begins to dance like this, see how I'm doing it? That's what the Scout does, here I'll do it again for you. Did you get it that time?

The Dustbowl Default was contributed to the Steam Workshop.


Update history

April 1, 2021 Patch

  • The Dustbowl Default was added to the game.


  • This item originated from a true event that happened within Valve headquarters. An employee had began performing a silly dance in the break room which caught the eyes of several employees. One of employees who witnessed the event states, "funniest shit I've ever seen". An animator working on Team Fortress 2 saw this, whom then took to his workstation and recreated the dance as a taunt.
    • The unused taunt files were found and appear to be the Scout's original primary taunt, but were cut due to unknown reasons.
  • The taunt seems to originate from the legendary battle royal game "Animal Crossing: New Leaf."