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Information About Myself

Hi, I'm EvilDeadFan. I'm just here to help make TF2 Wiki better like everyone else. Being my favorite game, I am very proud to do so! If you feel like playing a few rounds feel free to message me sometime. Also, if you find I mistake in an edit I made, feel free to correct me, I am always open to help and constructive criticism.


Steam Community Page: EvilDeadFan Treat me as I would with you, respect. If you don't then I'M GOING TO LAY YOU OUT!

Remember, who ya gonna call? EvilDeadFan!

My Backpack: Take a look if you please.

Check the backpack, and my pecs!

Fun Things

Killicon degreaser.png
Killicon shotgun.png
 TF2 Wiki
Killicon axtinguisher.png

I am a Proro, a professional Pyro, cross me, and all your plans will go up in flames! MMMPH!

Pyro Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.
Hire Date: 25th April 2009

Dueling Medal Bronze.png This user owns a Bronze Dueling Badge.

Traveller Bronze.png This user has attained the level of Bronze on their World Traveler's Hat!

Backpack Degreaser.png
"Disco Inferno"
Level 10 Flamethrower
65% faster weapon switching
-25% burn damage
Backpack Shotgun.png
"My Boomstick"
Level 1 Shotgun
Backpack Axtinguisher.png
"The Flaming Finale"
Level 86
100% critical hits vs burning players
-50% damage vs non-burning players
No critical hits vs non-burning players
Backpack Brigade Helm.png
"Chuck Norris' Round House Kick"
1 - 100
Backpack Hound Dog.png
"Man I'm Pretty!"
1 - 100
Your opponents will be all shook up when they see these sweet shades and coif.
Backpack Shotgun.png
"Good, Bad, I'm the guy with the Gun!"
1 - 100
So get your hands off of my boomstick you primitive screwheads!
Backpack Grenade Launcher.png
"M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher"
1 - 100
"Who do you think you are? Bleedin' Action Man?!"
Backpack Shortstop.png
"COP .357 Derringer"
Level 1 Peppergun
Mann Co.'s latest in high attitude break-action personal defense
Backpack Pistol.png
"The Gunslinger's Grave Digger"
Level 1 Pistol
  • Check my backpack for all of my renamed/re-descriped items! :D

To Do List

  • Set up an awesome user page. Pictogram tick.png Huge Success!
  • Be a great contributor to the Wiki. Pictogram wait.png Always in progress!
  • Fix grammatical errors. Pictogram wait.png There's always mistakes, no problem, that's what I'm here for!
  • Destroy all useless trivia (probably never going to happen but I digress) Pictogram wait.png In Progress
  • Burn all Spies sapping everyone's hard work. Pictogram wait.png Never Done!
  • Translate Italian Pages with good pal Thunder Pictogram wait.png Still learning, in my 2nd year
  • Hang out with more of the Wiki guys in game, like Thunder and OluapPlayer, etc Pictogram wait.png Never gonna end! I luv evr'y single one of ya!

Collect Them All!

Item icon Max's Severed Head.png This user owns Max's Severed Head.
Item icon Big Kill.png This user owns the Big Kill.
Item icon Lugermorph.png This user owns the Vintage Lugermorph.
Backpack case.png This user owns a complete set of 'classic' Vintage weapons, the first 35 to be added to the game.
Backpack Mann Co. Cap.png This user owns the Mann Co. Cap.
Item icon Bill's Hat.png This user owns Bill's Hat.
Item icon Gentle Manne's Service Medal.png This user is one of the 11,112 owners of the Gentle Manne's Service Medal.
Item icon Cheater's Lament.png This user owns the Cheater's Lament.
Item icon Alien Swarm Parasite.png This user has earned the Alien Swarm Parasite hat.
Lumbricus Lid Helmet.png This user owns the Lumbricus Lid.
RED Ellis' Cap.png Has this user ever told you about the time they got Ellis' Cap?
Frying Pan.png This user owns the Frying Pan.
RED Wiki Cap.png This user doesn't edit the Wiki for the sole purpose of getting a Wiki Cap.
Backpack Haunted Metal Scrap.png This user owns the Haunted Metal Scrap.
Backpack Horrific Headsplitter.png This user owns the Horrific Headsplitter.
Backpack Saxton Hale Mask.png This user owns the Saxton Hale Mask.
Scout Mask.png This user owns the Scout Mask.
Soldier Mask.png This user owns the Soldier Mask.
Pyro Mask.png This user owns the Pyro Mask.
Demoman Mask.png This user owns the Demoman Mask.
Heavy Mask.png This user owns the Heavy Mask.
Engineer Mask.png This user owns the Engineer Mask.
Medic Mask.png This user owns the Medic Mask.
Sniper Mask.png This user owns the Sniper Mask.
Spy Mask.png This user owns the Spy Mask.
Item icon Dealer's Visor.png This user owns the Dealer's Visor.
Poker Night Icon.png This user possesses all of the buy-in items from Poker Night at the Inventory.
Item icon Foster's Facade.pngBackpack Stockbroker's Scarf.png This user possesses both Killing Floor promotional items.
Backpack Bounty Hat.png This user owns the Bounty Hat.
Backpack RIFT Well Spun Hat Claim Code.png This user isn't going to redeem his RIFT Well Spun Hat Claim Code.
BLU Resurrection Associate Pin.png This user owns a Genuine Companion Cube Pin.
Backpack Dead Cone.png This user owns a Genuine Dead Cone.
Backpack Brain Bucket.png This user owns a Genuine Brain Bucket.
Backpack Conjurer's Cowl.png This user owns a Genuine Conjurer's Cowl.
Backpack Pip-Boy.png This user owns a Genuine Pip-Boy.
Original.png This user owns a Genuine Original.
Backpack Machina.png This user owns a Genuine Machina.
Backpack Diamondback.png This user owns a Genuine Diamondback.
Backpack Widowmaker.png This user owns a Genuine Widowmaker.
Backpack Short Circuit.png This user owns a Genuine Short Circuitn.
Backpack Company Man.png This user owns a Genuine Company Man.
Backpack Nanobalaclava.png This user owns a Genuine Nanobalaclava.
Backpack Purity Fist.png This user owns a Genuine Purity Fist.
Backpack Deus Specs.png This user owns a pair of Genuine Deus Specs.
Backpack Righteous Bison.png This user owns a Genuine Righteous Bison.

My Classes (Updated as much as possible to reflect my stats!)

User Pyro.png This user is a Pyro.
“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
User Engineer.png This user is an Engineer.
“I told ya don’t touch that darn thing!”
User Soldier.png This user is a Soldier.
Melee icon Axe.png This user plays air guitar over your smoldering corpse.
Melee icon Wrench.png Wrench smashin' mah Spy!
Melee icon Shovel.png Aaaaaaahhhhh! *bang bang bang*
User Heavy.png This user is a Heavy.
“Which one of you is crying?!”
User Scout.png This user is a Scout.
“I'm battin' a thousand!”
User Demoman.png This user is a Demoman.
“Oh, they’re goin' ta have ta glue you back together... IN HELL!”
Melee icon Fists.png Pow!
Melee icon Bat.png This user oughta' be on a baseball card!
Melee icon Bottle.png Cheers, mate!
User Sniper.png This user is a Sniper.
“Wave goodbye ta yer ’ead, wanker!”
User Spy.png This user is a Spy.
“You know, hiding won’t save you.”
User Medic.png This user is a Medic.
“Zat, vas doctah assisted homicide!”
Melee icon Kukri.png You got blood on my knife, mate!
Melee icon Knife.png This user is going to gut you like a Cornish game hen!
Melee icon Bonesaw.png Saw-ry!

My User Boxes

Whoa Moma! Man that's pretty!

Flag America.png This user is American, pardner!
Sunglasses.jpg This user's future is so bright they have got to wear shades.
BLUicon.gif This user is an employee of BLU.
Gentle Manne Crop.png This user owns 56 hats! (Probably 55 more than you do, you poor, Irish bastard.)
Edit icon.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki editor.
TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress 2 junky!
BLU Bombcart.png This user likes to push it. P-push it real good.
PLR carts 2.png This user thinks their cart is faster than your cart.
Tea Icon.png This user drinks far too much tea.
# This user is a regular on the Team Fortress Wiki IRC channel
Backpack Name Tag.png This user loves to rename his items.
Executioner.png Useless trivia flees from the mighty axe of this Wiki Trivia Executioner
Australium Bar Model.png This user collects Australium.

User Lhavelund Idiot.png This user has moments of innate idiocy. Sorry.
HHH cropped.png This user is the Horseless Headless Horsemann!
BottleScreen.png This user drinks far too much Scrumpy.
Steam tray.png This user supports Steam as a content delivery system.
Pyro emblem BLU.png This user is a pyromaniac!
Jarate.png This user has been conscripted in the 'Official Team Fortress Wiki Jarate Drinking Championships!' Moronia!
Achieved.png This user has earned 375 of the 520 TF2 achievements. That's 72%!
Dead Ringer.png This user has spent 1789 hours of his life playing Team Fortress 2!

Intel Logo.png This user's computer has Intel inside.
Tf2 100.png This user has logged 100 hours total in Team Fortress 2.
Zombie Fortress Logo.png This user enjoys playing Zombie Fortress.
Mouse Icon.png This user plays TF2 with a mouse.
Engineer Update Gunslinger.png This user is an offensineer.
"You ladies shoulda' oughta' brought some menfolk with ya."
Spy No smoking.png No smoking please!
Heavy laugh.png This user page is so small,
it is funny to me!
Gold Spy.png This user has had the honor of being killed by a Golden Wrench.
Coffee Icon.png This user drinks far too much coffee.
Backpack PDA builder.png This user builds public Userboxes for anyone's use.
RED Level 1 Sentry Gun.png This user is buildin' a Sentry
Portal Cake.jpg This user is Still Alive.
Tf sniper not a crazed gunman dad.png This user is a regular on the official TF2 wiki server.
UserIsPretty.jpg Man this user's pretty! Do the Monkey with them! Come on!
Redundant.png This user likes to use redundant userboxes that are redundant.
LargeEdit.jpg This user likes to edit articles in GIANT MAN chunks.

Engineerupdatewait.png This user thoroughly enjoyed the Engineer Update!
Backpack Fists.png This user is manly enough to battle with only Melee Weapons. Guns are for babies!
Grammarnazi.png This user is a Grammar Nazi
Mandelbrot sequence small.gif This user enjoys making people go insane.
Nemesis RED.png This user is dominating you!
Sappinmahsentry.png This user is sappin' mah sentry!
Sandvich.png This user eats far too many sandviches.
Razer Logo.png Razer is this user's gaming companion.
TF2 Trading cards.png This user has collected trading cards!
Outsmart Bullet.png This user has yet to meet one that can outsmart boolet.
Monkey typewriter.jpg This user is one of an infinite number of monkeys editing the Team Fortress Wiki right now.
User Soldier F5.gif This user vigorously mashes F5 upon any new TF2 update.

Paint Can 694D3A.png This user loves to paint his hats.
Approved.png This user watches the Recent Changes log.
Fire.png This user is ON FIRE!!
User Double Sun Power.png This user has double sun power.
TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki translator!
Banhammer.png This user has been banned from the Team Fortress Wiki once!
Gibbed Spy.png This user tends to fall to pieces.
it-1 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello elementare in italiano.
Animated Kaleidoscope.gif This user makes ridiculous userboxes.
Tf play game everyclass.png This user can't think of fun things to do with his userpage, so he steals them from others!
Userbox Nope.png This user is credit to team?...

Saxton cropped.png This user is Saxton Hale!
“There, there. Have an eagle!”
Gentlemen.png This user is a Gentleman!
DaniVoiceMenu.png This user loves to use the Team Fortress in-game voice menu (a lot) for talking.
Heavy Industry.png This user hates adverts and loves Team Fortress Wiki's adlessness.
Knife ready to Backstab 1st person red.png This user is a Backstabber!
E Gee, do all of these userboxes really spell out this user's first initial?
END This user is now brain-thrashingly insane because this user has no more userboxes.

Other Games I Love to Play

Half-life.png This user prefers Half-Life 1.
Half-life 2.png This user likes Half-Life 2.
Sam and Max The Devil's Playhouse.jpg This user loves the episodic adventures of the Freelance Police.
Portal.png This user enjoys Portal.
Portal2.png This user is an active Portal 2 test subject.
g This user plays Garry's Mod.
Poker Night Icon.png This user plays poker with a gamer, a support specialist, a wrestleman, and a lagomorph.
User Orange box.png This user owns The Orange Box.
Killing floor.png This user enjoys killing zombies and grabbin' dosh. "Loads o' money!"
L4D.png This user fought off the zombie apocalypse with a veteran, a girl, an IT guy, and a guy who hates everything.
L4D2.png This user fought off the zombie apocalypse with a gambler, a coach, a rambling mechanic, and a reporter.
SMB.png This user has succumbed to death by a fetus in a jar, with a monocle and a hat.
Valve logo.png This user has the "Valve Complete Pack".
Minecraftblock.png This user has succumbed to Minecraft addiction.
Worms.png This user likes to make invertebrates blow each other up with absurd weapons.
Userbox Magicka.png This user likes to cast arcane beams and "accidentally" blow his friends up.
Userbox PvZ.png This user doesn't want zombies on his lawn.

My Checklist

Poot Dispenser Here! Template:Item checklist

Yes, I have more hats than you, you poor Irish bastard...

User EvilDeadFan Gabe with it small.PNG and remember...

User EvilDeadFan Robin2.png

My Loadout

Class Primary Secondary Melee Hat Misc
Item icon Soda Popper.png
It's Both Barrels for You, You Bastards!
Item icon Pistol.png
Item icon Atomizer.png
The Atomizer
Backpack Company Man.png
Company Man
Backpack Deus Specs.png
Deus Specs
Item icon Rocket Launcher.png
Rocket Launcher
Item icon Righteous Bison.png
Righteous Bison
Item icon Equalizer.png
Backpack Soldier's Stash.png
Soldier's Stash
Backpack Gentle Manne's Service Medal.png
Gentle Manne's Service Medal
Item icon Degreaser.png
Disco Inferno
Item icon Shotgun.png
Good, Bad, I'm the Guy with the Gun!
Item icon Back Scratcher.png
Back Scratcher
Backpack Brigade Helm.png
Chuck Norris' Round House Kick
Backpack Deus Specs.png
Deus Specs
Item icon Grenade Launcher.png
M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher
Item icon Stickybomb Launcher.png
Stickybomb Launcher
Item icon Bottle.png
Backpack Scotch Bonnet.png
Scotch Bonnet
Backpack License to Maim.png
License to Maim
Item icon Minigun.png
Item icon Family Business.png
Family Business
Item icon Killing Gloves of Boxing.png
Backpack Officer's Ushanka.png
Officer's Ushanka
Backpack Purity Fist.png
Purity Fist
Item icon Shotgun.png
Good, Bad, I'm the Guy with the Gun!
Item icon Pistol.png
Item icon Gunslinger.png
Backpack Texas Ten Gallon.png
Texas Ten Gallon
Backpack Pip-Boy.png
Item icon Overdose.png
Item icon Medi Gun.png
Item icon Ubersaw.png
Backpack Ze Goggles.png
Ze Goggles
Backpack Physician's Procedure Mask.png
Physician's Procedure Mask
Item icon Machina.png
Item icon Submachine Gun.png
Submachine Gun
Item icon Bushwacka.png
Backpack Trophy Belt.png
Trophy Belt
Backpack Deus Specs.png
Deus Specs
Item icon Revolver.png
Item icon Cloak and Dagger.png
Cloak and Dagger
Item icon Knife.png
Backpack Détective Noir.png
Detective Noir
Backpack License to Maim.png
License to Maim

Now everybody do the Spycrab!