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achievement pack names


{{availability}} names

strangifier-series-x, etc

Module:Backpack item

campaigns / contract packs

class hat table header

class nav text

class weapons tables




day names

month names

event promotions


game mode names

game titles

generic nav text

hazard infobox

item timeline table

lod table

major update titles

blog post titles

  • Translations taken from News Hub/Valve Crowdin. No self translations!

Saxxy Awards titles

mann vs. machine

Mann vs. Machine community operation tables

Mann vs. Machine missions tables

Mission names

Mission names (community events)

Robot names

Operation names (community events)

map locations (template)

map environment

map names

arena maps

ctf maps

cp maps

koth maps

mvm maps

mannpower maps

pass maps

pl maps

plr maps

pd maps

sd maps

tc maps

tr maps

unused modes

NPC names

patch names

promotional item table

Respawn Times strings

Saxxy Awards categories

tournament medal table


Meet the team


{{weapon list}} names

contract names

Team Fortress Wiki

Website interface

Did you know...

YouTube titles / SNS