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Scout Weapons

Scout Primary

Scout Secondary

Scout Melee

Soldier Weapons

Soldier Primary

Soldier Secondary

Soldier Melee

Pyro Weapons

Pyro Primary

Pyro Secondary

Pyro Melee

Demoman Weapons

Demoman Primary

Demoman Secondary

Demoman Melee

Heavy Weapons

Heavy Primary

Heavy Secondary

Heavy Melee

Engineer Weapons

Engineer Primary

Engineer Secondary

Engineer Melee

Engineer PDA

Engineer Buildings

Medic Weapons

Medic Primary

Medic Secondary

Medic Melee

Sniper Weapons

Sniper Primary

Sniper Secondary

Sniper Melee

Spy Weapons

Spy Primary

Spy Secondary

Spy Melee


Multi-class Weapons

Multi-class Primary

Multi-class Secondary

Multi-class Melee

All class weapons

Team Fortress 2 Beta weapons

Team Fortress Classic weapons

Festive/Festivized weapons

Botkiller weapons

Australium weapons


Kill taunts

Scout kill taunts

Soldier kill taunts

Pyro kill taunts

Demoman kill taunts

Heavy kill taunts

Engineer kill taunts

Medic kill taunts

Sniper kill taunts

Spy kill taunts

Ability taunts

Scout ability taunts

Pyro ability taunts

Heavy ability taunts

Engineer ability taunts

Medic ability taunts

Event Taunts

Special Taunts

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All class special taunts

Scout special taunts

Soldier special taunts

Pyro special taunts

Demoman special taunts

Heavy special taunts

Engineer special taunts

Medic special taunts

Sniper special taunts

Spy special taunts

Cosmetic items

All class cosmetic items

Scout cosmetic items

Soldier cosmetic items

Pyro cosmetic items

Demoman cosmetic items

Heavy cosmetic items

Engineer cosmetic items

Medic cosmetic items

Sniper cosmetic items

Spy cosmetic items

Multi-class cosmetic items

Tournament medals

Tournament medals (Item timeline)

Action items


Noise makers

Unlocked Crates

War Paint Keyless Cases


Mann Co. crates and keys

Strange parts

Also check a Strange trackers section

Paint Cans

Halloween Spells

Costume Transmogrifiers


Killstreak Kit items

Unused items

Beta grenades

Unused\Scrapped weapons

Unused Cosmetic items

Item set names

Scout item sets

Soldier item sets

Pyro item sets

Demoman item sets

Heavy item sets

Engineer item sets

Medic item sets

Sniper item sets

Spy item sets

Item bundles

Map makers support items

Map Stamps

Strange filters

Also check a Strange Filter prefixes section

Item types


Action item styles

Weapon styles

Cosmetic item styles

Cosmetic item styles - duplicate

Painted variants styles

Slot names

Equip regions

Crafting ingredients

Regular ingredients

Mysterious ingredients

Voodoo-Cursed ingredients

Descriptive text

Quality names

Strange ranks

  • Translations taken from the STS.png Steam Translation Server

Multi-weapon ranks

Holiday Punch ranks

Mantreads ranks

Razorback ranks

Sapper ranks

Spirit Of Giving ranks

Cosmetic item ranks

Duck Journal ranks

Soul Gargoyle ranks

Gun Mettle Campaign Coin, Tough Break Campaign Stamp, and Jungle Inferno ConTracker ranks

Strange trackers

Strange Filter prefixes

Unusual effects

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Unusual cosmetics

Unusual taunts

Unusual weapons

Killstreak-related Effects

This section is automatically updated by PhoneWave after each patch. Any translations added to this section will be lost.



Item set blueprint

April Fool's Day Items