Boot Camp (Mann vs. Machine)

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This article is about the Mann vs. Machine mode. For the map playable in Team Fortress Classic, see Boot Camp (Classic).

Boot Camp is the official version of the Mann vs. Machine game mode that is functionally identical to Mann Up besides not allowing players to receive items upon finishing a mission. Any player is free to play Boot Camp without the need of a Tour of Duty Ticket. Unlike Mann Up, players can host their own Boot Camp servers to play privately with friends at the expense of not receiving items for completing missions.

Due to the item drop restrictions placed on Boot Camp, it is not possible to receive Mann vs. Machine-exclusive rewards such as Botkiller weapons and Australium weapons. In order to acquire these, one must complete a Tour of Duty in Mann Up.

It is recommended that players who are new to Mann vs. Machine play Boot Camp before heading into Mann Up to avoid making common mistakes.

There are currently 5 difficulties available in Boot Camp: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Nightmare.

Community servers

In addition to Boot Camp on Valve servers, many community servers host Boot Camp as well. While playing on a community server, it is possible to come across modifications to Mann vs. Machine, such as infinite credits, the ability to join the blue team, or RTD, as this is commonplace on many community Mann vs. Machine servers for the benefit of the player, such as ease of access to upgrades.

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