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Item rarity colours

Colour Rarity Name Appends Colour Name
B2B2B2 Normal Nothing QualityColorNormal
4D7455 Genuine Genuine QualityColorrarity1
90834B rarity2 ? QualityColorrarity2
CF6A32 rarity3 ? QualityColorrarity3
8650AC rarity4 Unusual QualityColorrarity4
476291 Vintage Vintage QualityColorVintage
FFD700 Unique Nothing QualityColorUnique
70B04A Community Community QualityColorCommunity
A50F79 Developer Valve QualityColorDeveloper
70B04A SelfMade Self-Made QualityColorSelfMade
476291 Customized Customized QualityColorCustomized
CD9B1D Strange Strange QualityColorStrange

Weapon attribute colours

Colour Role Colour Name
99CCFF Positive attributes ItemAttribPositive
FF4040 Negative attributes ItemAttribNegative
EBE2CA Neutral attributes ItemAttribNeutral
756B5E Item level and type ItemAttribLevel

Extended item info

Colour Colour Name Desc
E1FF0F ItemSetName Name of item set
95AF0C ItemSetItemEquipped Colour of item in set if equipped
8B8989 ItemSetItemMissing Colour of item in set if unequipped
E1FF0F ItemIsotope ?
95AF0C ItemBundleItem List of items in a bundle
00A000 ItemLimitedUse Description of limited use item
756B5E ItemFlags Description of trade/craftability

Achievement colours


Other colours

Sampled from team particle effects.

Crit #ff5a32 #3c78ff
Mini-Crit #dc9a2c #15b66b

TF Wiki colors

Colour Desc CSS class
#79542B Border color
#F3A957 Navbox level 1 tf-color1
#FFBE7E Alternate shade 1 tf-color2
#F9D483 Navbox level 2 tf-color3
#FFDDAD Alternate shade 2 tf-color4
#FEF5E0 Navbox level 3 tf-color5
#FFFCF7 Navbox background tf-color-bg
#B2D7E9 Patch layout color 1
#DFE8ED Patch layout color 2
#AAAAAA Common border color