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"I'm the conductor of the POOP TRAIN!"
Basic information
(Type ): Mexican
Gender: Male
Birth place: México
Native language: Spanish
Age: 19
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class scout.pngLeaderboard class engineer.pngLeaderboard class sniper.png
Favourite maps: Turbine
Favourite weapons: C.A.P.P.E.R
Favourite hats: Triclops
Contact information
Steam page: Steam
E-mail: ivano.godinez@gmail.com

Welcome Lady's and Gentleman's

Guys welcome to my Profile, have fun and... i don't know just add me on steam if you speak spanish i think...

I translate to spanish lenguage, because I think I'm one of the only ones who makes an effort to help the community and find out more about the game

In the Team Fotress 2 Wiki I focus on:

  • Add contributions on English
  • Traslate to Spanish
  • Upload Photos
  • Correct text errors
  • Accommodate texts in order


  • Earn the Wikicap Pictogram wait.png In progress (I understand that it is difficult but I trying to do the best I can)
  • Be recognized by the community Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • Be great helper Pictogram tick.png Done (I think)
  • Help to community when is necessary Pictogram tick.png Done



  • 12 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 21 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 50 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 75 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 100 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 150 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 175 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 250 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 275 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 350 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
  • 500 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • 750 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • 1000 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • 1221 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • 1500 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • 2112 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress
  • 2500 Edits Pictogram wait.png In progress