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21002100//"TF_Demo_Top_Hat_Desc" "Scotsman's Stove Pipe Description"
21012101"TF_HonestyHalo" "Cheater's Lament"
21022102"TF_HonestyHalo_Desc" "Though some would stop at nothing to achieve hats, you remained resolute and incorruptible in your quest for head decorations. For that, you have been rewarded."
N/A2103"TF_HonestyHalo_Style0" "No Hat"
N/A2104"TF_HonestyHalo_Style1" "Hat"
21032105"TF_Halloween_Hat" "Mildly Disturbing Halloween Mask"
21042106"TF_Halloween_Hat_Desc" "Brown paper never looked so mildly disturbing."
21052107"TF_Halloween_Head" "Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head"
43684370"Tip_7_28" "As a Pyro, the Flamethrower's compression blast can be used to counter Demomen using the Chargin' Targe! Time your compression blast correctly, and you can push the Demoman back before he can strike, and then counter-attack!"
43694371"Tip_7_29" "As a Pyro, the Reserve Shooter will mini-crit enemies that are airborne. Use your compression blast (%attack2%) to push an enemy into the air, and then switch to the Reserve Shooter in order to inflict additional damage!"
43704372"Tip_7_30" "As a Pyro, the Detonator's flares can be detonated at any time using %attack2%. Use the blast radius to hit enemies behind cover, or to set multiple enemies on fire!"
4371N/A"Tip_7_31" "As a Pyro, inflicting damage with the Phlogistinator fills the 'Mmmph' meter. Once it is full, activate it using you secondary attack (%attack2%) in order to inflict crits for a short time!"
N/A4373"Tip_7_31" "As a Pyro, inflicting damage with the Phlogistinator fills the 'Mmmph' meter. Once it is full, activate it using your secondary attack (%attack2%) in order to inflict crits for a short time!"
43724374"Tip_7_32" "As a Pyro, you can use the Manmelter's secondary fire (%attack2%) to extinguish teammates that are on fire. For each teammate extinguished you store a critical hit, so save the crits until the opportune moment!"
43744376"Tip_8_Count" "40"
76537655"TFUI_InvTooltip_RarityNoWear" "%s1 Grade %s2%s3" // name, grade, noWear
76547656"TFUI_InvTooltip_Wear" "Exterior:"
76557657"TFUI_InvTooltip_ItemFound" "%s1%s2%s3%s4%s5" // szStrange, szUnusual, szItemname, szRarity, szWear
N/A7658"TFUI_InvTooltip_ItemFound_Itemname" "%s1 "
N/A7659"TFUI_InvTooltip_ItemFound_Wear" "(%s1) "
N/A7660"TFUI_InvTooltip_ItemFound_Rarity" "%s1 "
N/A7661"TFUI_InvTooltip_ItemFound_Strange" "%s1 "
N/A7662"TFUI_InvTooltip_ItemFound_Unusual" "%s1 "
76577664"TF_Tool_PaintCan" "Paint Can"
76587665"TF_Tool_PaintCan_Desc" "Used to paint other items."
1233112338"TF_fall2013_beep_boy_Desc" "His facial expressions are synced to yours! Teach this Beep Boy how to be a Beep Man using nothing but the raw musky magnetism of your face."
1233212339"TF_fall2013_the_special_eyes" "Special Eyes" // ADD THE
1233312340"TF_fall2013_the_special_eyes_Desc" ""
N/A12341"TF_fall2013_the_special_eyes_style1" "Suspicious"
N/A12342"TF_fall2013_the_special_eyes_style2" "Bored"
1233412343"TF_fall2013_the_insidious_incinerator" "Trickster's Turnout Gear"
1233512344"TF_fall2013_the_insidious_incinerator_Desc" "Trick your enemies into forgetting who set them on fire in the first place with this trustworthy-looking fireman's jacket."
1233612345"TF_fall2013_kyoto_rider" "Chronomancer" // ADD THE
1262912638"TF_sbox2014_chefs_coat" "Dough Puncher" // ADD THE
1263012639"TF_sbox2014_teutonic_toque" "Teutonic Toque" // ADD THE
1263112640"TF_sbox2014_mustachioed_mann" "Mustachioed Mann" // ADD THE
N/A12641"TF_sbox2014_mustachioed_mann_style0" "Style 1"
N/A12642"TF_sbox2014_mustachioed_mann_style1" "Style 2"
1263212643"TF_sbox2014_spy_snake" "Backstabber's Boomslang" // ADD THE
1263312644"TF_sbox2014_rat_stompers" "Rat Stompers" // ADD THE
1263412645"TF_sbox2014_sole_mate" "Sole Mate"