May 12, 2010 Patch

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Patch notes


  • Fixed the startmovie command not using the codec dialog.

Team Fortress 2

  • Linux Dedicated Server
    • Fixed srcds_run to work properly with the Counter-Strike: Source beta dedicated server when autoupdating.
  • Fixed dropped weapons and ammo kits not being affected by explosions.
  • Adding missing "+lookup" and "+lookdown" keybind options.
  • Added SetCTFCaptureBonusTime tf_gamerules input to allow map authors to set the length of crit bonus time (in seconds) for CTF captures.

Undocumented Changes

  • Added several new crafting recipes.[1]
  • Updated the Gunboats so they could be crafted with other Soldier weapons.
  • Updated the Smelt Class Weapons recipe to only require 2 weapons wielded by the same class.
  • Updated the Fabricate Class Token and Fabricate Slot Token to only require 3 weapons of the same class or loadout slot.


  1. Smelt Reclaimed Metal, Smelt Refined Metal, Fabricate Gunboats, Fabricate Dalokohs Bar, Fabricate Homewrecker, Fabricate Pain Train, Fabricate Crit-a-Cola and Fabricate Bonk Helm.