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The Hand Grenade, also known as Frag Grenade or Normal Grenade, is a primary grenade for all classes (except for the Civilian and Scout) in the Team Fortress Classic series of games.

The Hand Grenade is a timed explosive that causes a substantial amount of damage to players who are in the blast radius.


145 maximum damage in a wide explosion; damage decreases the further the target is from the center of the blast radius.


A useful script exists that allows players to time their grenade throws and detonations. This script works for all grenade types. One click will prime your grenade, but not throw it, and the second click throws it. Skilled and experienced players often use this technique in a duel to throw the Hand Grenade, or any other grenade, at the right moment. Other players can Kamikaze with their grenades as upon death they are dropped with their corpse if primed, but not thrown.

Note that the blast radius of the Hand Grenade is larger than its animation indicates, and this should be taken into consideration.

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  • The Hand Grenade was scheduled to appear in Team Fortress 2, but was scrapped when grenades were removed as weapons.