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Basic information
(Type ): Offensive Support
Gender: M
Birth place: Argentina (Currently moved to Chile)
Native language: English, Spanish
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Leaderboard class pyro.png
Favourite maps: Hydro, Kong_King, Asteroid, Granary (all variations)
Favourite weapons: Neon Annihilator Flamethrower Scorch Shot Medigun
Favourite hats: Proof of Purchase Megapixel Beard Virtual Viewfinder
Contact information
Steam page: MetaruPX

Hola Hola, I'm Metaru. I like to burn stuff. Also, i'm fluent in both English and Spanish.

I'm from Chile, South America. I have been playing since Dec 2009 when I got TF2 as a christmas gift, and since then i've racked over 2k+ hours of gameplay, with Pyro, Medic and Engineer as my most favorite classes. So far, TF2 is one of my favorite games of all time and as such i've done a variety of things related to the game wich include Podcasts, Fanart, Comp-Casting, Cosplay, and currently I'm an active contributor to the Workshop.

I took part of the Robotic Boogaloo as a guest artist and currently hold three items that have been added to the game:

I'm currently working as a Texture artist for several items and towards keeping the wiki translated to Spanish whenever I have time.

please buy more Gun Mettle keys and make me happy. ♥

Profile artwork by Peri