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Basic information
(Type ): Saggitarius
Gender: Male
Health: 125
Speed: 314%
Birth place: U.S.A
Native language: English
Age: 17
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Demoman emblem BLU.pngSoldier emblem BLU.png
Favourite maps: Plbadwater.jpg
Favourite weapons: Natascha.png
Favourite hats: Painted Cockfighter 729E42 Lilly.png
Contact information

The Scout on combat
  • AKA Rajikaru
  • Currently plays Heavy in competitive Highlander
  • One of the creators of the Parkour Fortress and Bombermod pages
  • An avid fan of the Indubitably Green paint
  • Has currently gotten 1 fact on the "Did You Know" section:
    • "...that the baseball meter on the Sandman can be refilled with projectiles from the Wrap Assassin, and vice-versa?"