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RD's Assassin Husband: A Tale of Mystery and Great Confusion

Introductions and all that noise

Joined the noble cause of editing the TF2 Wiki in the late 2014 period. Not sure when exactly but, hey, whatsup, and how ya doin'.

If you're here on account that I've been bollucking up(not actually British btw) your work many apologizes. If I've been breaking format or providing some less-than-accurate trivia I'll take responsibility for my muckups. In fact, if you're here to make a complaint I'll attempt to make a forum in which you can express your grievances.

We all good now? You done bashin' my digital brain with a frying pan? Finished sharing your confusion an autistic brony being so articulate?

If so, great. Let's move on. If not, leave the flaming dog crap below.

Bio, Background, and other B.S.

First off, I'm from America, specifically the Mid-West. I know off to a great start already, but it gets better. Peoria, Illinois to be exactly. Good Ol' Whiskey Town... and I have the distinct pleasure of having the birthday right after April Fools Day. Nothing better than your birthday being a joke. Welp anyways, I'm an African-American/ Caucasian male (and all the White Supremacists said, "OH NOOOO....") with 2 biological brothers and 4 biological sisters (1 of which I've never met) with 10+ in step-siblings, so it's safe to say my momma gets busy...

I was separated from my parents about 6 months- 1 year into my life due to inhospitable living situation, i.e.the classic cliche abusive father/ strung out and blaze it up mother, being taken in by my grandmother, later with of my closest siblings, Elijah and Dana, coming roughly 3 and 2 years later respectively. Which was all fine and dandy, until grandma got sick and died due to a diabetes-induced toe infection which resulted in a changing of the guard-ian. Luckily my easy-going aunt from St. Louis, moved back in time to save us from state custody (Thank God, boys homes aren't great for 12-year olds), so silver lining there.

With that being said, I think my intellect is pretty apparent. I hold over 70+ various awards and certificates in academic excellence in art, spelling bees, robotics, creative writing, math, and spoken word, including a national art award from George Bush, attending a National Young Leader Convention (invitation through nomination only), and staying on a flat-A+ honor roll with perfect attendance up until 8th grade.
This is just the tip but it's hard not to be a little narcissistic...

Moving on... My first videogame ever was Duck Hunt on the Nintendo 64, but my first FAVORITE videogame was Tony Hawk's Pro Skater on the OG Playstation.

===== A List of My Gaming Consoles I've Used =====

  • Nintendo 64
  • Gameboy Advance
  • Gameboy Color
  • Playstation
  • GameCube
  • Playstation 2 (Can you say greatest console generation?)
  • Xbox 1 (Not that lame cashgrab, the OG Xbox.)
  • PSP
  • Wii
  • Playstation 3 (currently)
  • Kinect
  • Playsation 4 (currently)
  • SNES?

So yeah I'm a bit of a gamer and I suppose it explains my autism, right?

Why I Joined Steam/ TF2 Wiki

I joined Steam on April 28th, 2013 on a weekend trip to my grandfather and father's home(whom has improved drastically since as has my mother who now has an Associate's in Business Administration, TMy Bad.) out in Mackinaw, Illinois, a town so small you can walk from one end to the other in 30 minutes, and decided to try out a game that I had seen a guy on YouTube, STAR_, play and wanted to see if it was as fun as watching him was. During this time, I had begun experimenting in TV with shows like animes, Dr. Who and other intellectual pieces, MLP, and various other boring things (sadly, no HBO or Netflix at the time). Despite my lack of knowledge, I investigated what I assumed they were characters from old Adult Swim commercials and figured this was some cool new game based on a those same characters.

Upon finding out I had to download the game through a launching platform, I unwarily downloaded Steam Bootlegger..erm...Bootstrapper..Steam and upon getting past all the necessary wizard stuff I found the game I knew I'd love for the rest of my life. A 20-minute download later and a beautiful love story of a man and his game can be found spanning Valve & community servers...

I joined the Wiki upon the tail end of Love & War trying to get a sneak peek at the next update or anything else that might peak my interest, which has thus turned into a daily routine of Wiki and checking for any scrap of innovation in my favorite game. Which after the nearly 9 month dryspell for TF2, almost killed my interest in Valve and PC gaming as whole.

Luckily, when Gun Mettle rolled around I finally got to get a solid handle on the content being thrown at me and I was able to appreciate what was being done by the community. Even though I had already joined into the trading buzz and had acquired over 100 hats in my first year in-game, I finally had an update that I knew I could make a difference in. I started up my campaign about 2 weeks late due my summer job of corn detassling which had me out for 3-8 hours a day walking quarter-mile rows of corn plucking dead leaves and broken stalks, which is comparable to shopping for groceries in an oven and all you're buying is corn. But everyday I got home, I booted up my computer, started Bandicam, put my headphones on, and start cracking on contracts. It finally felt like I had done it all for a reason. Like the world, my world finally felt...

The Future?

Well I don't have much of a plan but it involves giving back and in mass quantities. I started up a Youtube channel, Meta Breakers (link below), meant to be a nice change of pace from "traditional" Youtube gaming channels although I've had a hard time creating consistent content for it, retried my hand in art, dabbling in freehand drawing and uploading the results on DeviantArt (even going so far as to become a courtroom sketch artist for a day), writing music, and taking up the addictive hobby of tagging on I don't plan on replacing anyone just trying to carve a place in the world to call my own. If you can call it that.
But hey, the American Dream right.... heh.


Steam Profile: | Steam Profile

Youtube Channel: | Youtube Channel

DeviantArt Page: | DeviantArt uhm...thing.

One day I'll be the editor this Wiki deserves, until then I just wanna "rise above the rest."

Things I've goofed up.
Complaint #1
Complaint #2
Complaint #3
Complaint #4
Complaint #5
Complaint #6
Complaint #7


  • Started and maintained the Competitive Mode, many Mayflower, Gun Mettle, and Tough Break cosmetic pages, as well as frequently update the alternative gamemode pages, Death Run and VS Hale.
  • Looking to learn how to program animations into a page.
  • Consistently updates item pages for updated items.