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Scream Fortress 2018#Cosmetic items

List of Shortcuts

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[two aspects : in game time vs wiki time ]

[ time appears local, not global ]

[ same "local" time basis for all holidays, just different date formula ]

[ dates can be verified but adjusting the host computer's time. ]

When the Full Moon restriction was introduced with the 2011 Very Scary Halloween Special, the formula was set such that the Full Moon event occurred every 29.5 days starting Midday, October 12, 2011. The periods lasted for a full day before and after the time calculated, so the very first Full Moon event was one day either side of 12am (Midnight) on November 10, 2011. However, the actual synodic month is close to 44 minutes and 3 seconds longer than the 29.5 day approximation. The effect of this was that after about four years, the TF2 Full Moon schedule was about one and a half days ahead of the actual lunar phase -- by June 2, 2015, the game (and the Fmp calculations at that time) would close Full Moon events hours before the real Moon was actually full. However, by September 2015 and in subsequent months, the in-game Full Moon event was observed to be more centered on the real full moon time, indicating that the previous game schedule had been changed. The formulation computing the Full Moon dates for this page was changed in November 2015

... much after this is Mikado282's error ... to be fixed ... per above notes ...

to more closely track the observed Full Moon events, largely by changing the period to be closer to the actual average Lunar period. However, the present formula, still being a fixed constant period, does not account for the various oscillations seen in the Lunar period, so the present formula runs several hours ahead or behind the actual event for several months at a time.

Talk:Full Moon Formula

[ Verification of localized start time by Tark, Yossef, and Mikado282 ]

Jan...Feb 1
March 15, 2022 at 04:19
April 13, 2022 at 17:02
May 13, 2022 at 05:46
June 11, 2022 at 18:29
July 11, 2022 at 07:12

This Game Wiki Editor's Prayer

As I sit to type, I utter this self-admonishing prayer:

Very, very few edits to any game wiki will feed, clothe, or comfort anyone or anything except frail egos. I pray to minimize my self-absorption and sloth and that I not compound my sins with jealousy and/or anger over game wiki edits.

Loving games is easy, even thieves, murders, and haters love games. How much more glorious is it to love something that does not give such immediate, easy pleasure?

Inventory of MvM Memoirs

Map Style Comments
Doppler Favorite Art Design, High glassed Spawn, Snowy cave rollout, sub pen,
Powerplant brick factory Tough, Large pine spits rollout
Teien Japan Metro, pond rollout
Waterfront BLU industrial dockland simple short, predictable map
Metro Metro Not spectacular, but most memorable MvM fight
Underground mine tunnel compare with Big Rock


Somewhat tangentially, I quibble with the comment “If you don't read the comics you wouldn't care about the administrator at all.” I don’t think I got into the comics and videos until my first Halloween event (Fourth Annual Halloween Special). I went the wiki to learn how to fight the bosses, and in that manner learned about the past content. Similarly, that is how I learned that the Administrator/Announcer had any sort of significance. Moreover, it was through the wiki that I learned that the game had any storyline at all. In a nutshell, I found the game, googled for strategy, found the wiki, found the storyline, found the comics. YMV; but, maybe it happens that way for others, too. Truly, the wiki is the bookshelf where I keep my "worn" copies of the comics. Mikado282 (talk) 21:39, 22 April 2014 (PDT)

Minigun (Brass Beast) Firing Speed Upgrade Study (draft)

Upgrade 0 1 2 3 4
stated fire rate base +10% +10% +10% +10%
Cost $0 $350 $700 $1,050 $1,400
time (s) 21 18 18 15 12
bps 9.52 11.11 11.11 13.33 16.67
dps 100% 117% 117% 140% 175%
actual fire rate base +17% +0% +23% +25%

Hmmm, for $1,400, you get a bit better than permanent, stackable minicrits. Worth it?

Community topic notability

Drafting replacement for Team Fortress Wiki:Policies#Mod notability.
See Team Fortress Wiki:Community topics notability guidelines

Community topics embrace a collection of subjects of content and activities that occur outside of direct Valve's corporate operations and publications of the Team Fortress series of games and all related media. Obviously, Team fortress wiki will not cover all Community activities. Secondary (if not tertiary) to the primary task of keeping the wiki current with Valve's publications and updates, editors may cover notable Community topics, but only in compliance with the wiki's Policy for Community topic notability.

Community-led activities and content development is a foundation of Team Fortress; and, Team Fortress 2 was developed to encourage future content development and activities within the community.

are those subjects Community topics

Community topic tags

Temporary collective list

Team Fortress Wiki:Community topics notability guidelines

Team Fortress Wiki:Community topics notability assessment project


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