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Projects (loosely) related to wiki I want to work on when bored. This page serves to record progress if someone wants to see what I'm doin and maybe wants to help if possible.
Pictogram tick.png  = Finished
Pictogram info.png  = Working on it
Pictogram minus.png  = Haven't started, feel free to let me know if you're going to work on it if applicable.

Status To-do Date Added Date Finished
Pictogram info.png  Better Userpage December 2021 N/A
Pictogram minus.png  Update Dueling mini-game to include accurate earned item info (Includes table for findable cosmetics?)
Does item availability include "earned" origin? Update all those pages if so.
December 2021 N/A
Pictogram minus.png  Make some maps for Soul Gargoyle
Requires bot free servers during Halloween event
December 2021 N/A
Pictogram minus.png  Template of all items obtainable through Halloween_Transmute
Include on Soul Gargoyle page?
December 2021 N/A
Pictogram minus.png  MvM community strategy full review for blatant bad info from 2013
Add other useful info as necessary.
December 2021 N/A
Pictogram minus.png  Resolve category issues for mvm mission templates(?) vs
Note: List of tables
December 2021 N/A
Pictogram info.png  Lookup table for all combinations of the director's cut
Life is pain (Google sheets) Contact me on IRC or Steam if you would like to help (It's not fun just a heads up).
December 2021 N/A
Pictogram minus.png  Resolve some Mann vs. Machine mission pages that do/don't have strategy's.
Supposed to have pages here?
January 2022 N/A
Pictogram tick.png  Fix information about abandoning in Mann up and Mann vs. Machine December 2021 January 2022
Pictogram tick.png  Template of cosmetics that DO drop for Item drop system since the current template there needs updated every time a case is added.
Sandbox page:
December 2021 March 2022
Pictogram tick.png  Update Template:Cosmetic craftability list
Sandbox page:
June 2022 July 2022