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Basic information
Gender: Male
Health: 1,000,001
Speed: 225.7%
Birth place: America
Native language: American
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: Pyro
Favourite maps: Cactus Canyon, Asteroid, and Hightower
Favourite weapons: Phlogistinator
Favourite hats: Wiki Cap
Oh what, you gonna cry? You gonna cry now?
The Scout on your jealousy of me

About Me

I am Fuzzeh! Just to be clear if you pronounce my name Fuzzy or Fuzzuh, I will kill you. It is pronounced Fuzz-aye!

If you are looking for the user Fuffeh, no I am not him, and he can be found here.

I am a very smart person, and I prove this fact in the IRC frequently, you can see my Moments of "Genius" Here!


  • Original owner of the first 200 fluffy points.
  • Proud President of the great country Spanglonia.
  • Co-Star of the hit TV sitcom: Fuzzeh & Fuffeh!


Loot at 'em! LOOK AT 'EM!

Todo List!

100 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
250 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
500 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
750 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
1000 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
1500 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
2000 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
2500 Edits Pictogram tick.png Done
5000 Edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
7500 Edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
10000 Edits Pictogram wait.png In Progress
Outspam Ashes Pictogram wait.png In Progress

Boxes! Lots and Lots of Boxes!

Steam tray.png This user has a Steam profile, which can be found here.
Painted Dr. Whoa 3B1F23.png This user thinks bow ties are cool.
Item icon Familiar Fez.png This user thinks fezzes are cool.
SmallEdit.jpg This user likes to edit articles in teeny baby bits.
2-dice-icon.png This user loves surfing the Wiki via Random Page.
User Monte GreenWiki.gif This user likes to see this wiki turning green.
User Soldier F5.gif This user vigorously mashes F5 upon any new TF2 update.
Unusual Logo.png This user owns an Unusual hat.
Userbox Nope.png This user is credit to team?...

Item icon Killstreak Kit.png This user loves to apply Killstreak Kits to their weapons.
User Pyro.png This user is a Pyro.
“Mhmmh... mmmmm-hmm!”
Scout Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.

Edit icon.png This user is a Team Fortress Wiki editor.
Scout Mercenary.png This user is a Mercenary.

Pyromania Update showcard.png This user witnessed the Pyromania Update!
Mann vs. Machine showcard.png This user witnessed the Mann vs. Machine Update!
UllapoolCaber.png This user throws his grenades.
Tf play game everyclass.png This user can't think of fun things to do with his userpage, so he steals them from others!
User edikkisin Overuses user boxes.png This user overuses user boxes.
Wheatley.png This user is NOT A MORON!
Markiplier Logo.png This user is a Markiplite. Poof! :3
Userbox Naruto Konoha.png This user is a fan of the Naruto series.
Mad Milk.png This user drinks far too much milk.
Sandvich.png This user eats far too many sandviches.
Flag America.png This user is American, pardner!
Portal.png This user enjoys Portal.
g This user plays Garry's Mod.
Portal2.png This user is an active Portal 2 test subject.
Userbox Poké Ball.png This user has gotta catch 'em all!
Sonic Generations Userbox.png This user is running at the speed of sound!
Userbox Hoverboard.jpg This user just wants his damn Hoverboard already.

User TARDIS.png This user enjoys watching Doctor Who.
Intel Logo.png This user's computer has Intel inside.
Chrome Logo.png This user uses Google Chrome as his web browser.
TF2 crosshair.png This user is a Team Fortress 2 junky!
REDicon.gif This user is an employee of RED.