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                             (This user page is under construction and will definitely look attractive at some point in time soon... Probably.)

I'm CaptainKodachrome! I primarily contribute to the Community strategy and fads pages, and trivia. My ultimate goal is to become a major contributor for the Community strategy pages and help with it's formatting and guidelines going forward. If you have questions or critiques, please do not hesitate to chat me up on my talk page. New users are certainly welcome and I would be happy to help you out!

What I Do

  • Add and edit Community-contributed tips and tricks for all classes.
  • Fix Grammatical/Spelling errors.
  • Add images for new items and paint variants.
  • Add some trivia once in a while.

What I Plan To Do

  • Create Gifs of particle effects for the Unusual page. This way, you'll be able to get a proper look at any unusual effect straight from the wiki! (After getting the proper go-ahead, of course.)
  • Get a hold of a Strange Burly Beast within my lifetime. (Like that's gonna happen...)
  • Start an uprising of fellow Heavy mains. (The two of them aside from myself.)
  • Give advice to new users who would like to get started contributing to the Community strategy.


1. Q: "Are you insane?"

A: "Technically, yes."

2. Q: "How long have you been playing TF2?"

A: "My history with TF2 is a little out of the ordinary for most players, to be honest. Way back when, I had been previously following the game since the End of the Line Update, since at the time I was restricted to a Windows 98 computer that literally could not start the game. I used to play on a family account way back in early August of 2017 right before the Jungle Inferno Update came out and I then swapped over to my own account in early 2018, so four years, but almost 8 years in essence."

3. Q: "What is your prized TF2 possession?"

A: TBA...

4. Q: "What are your favorite Unusual effects?"

A: "I wish these effects never came to the game, because I want to spend hard-earned keys on getting them:
  • Molten Mallard
  • Electrostatic
  • Cauldron Bubbles
  • Pyroland Nightmare
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Massed Flies
  • Orbiting Fire (And Eerie OF)
  • Ancient Codex

5. Q: "What's your favorite hat?"

A: "I don't have just one, in fact I have a lot of favorite hats, but here are one from each class that are that are top-notch to me:

New questions and answers are to come soon...