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The Dead Hand is an unlockable melee weapon for the Engineer. It is a dead robotic hand, comprising segmented finger parts, wires, team-colored casing and a pressure gauge that replaces the Engineer's right hand.

The device grants the Engineer an additional 25 max health, raising his total health to 150, promoting more offensive play at the cost of no random critical hits. In addition, the player is able to perform a three-part combo attack on enemies. Should an enemy be hit three times in succession, the third strike (a downward motion with a clenched fist) will become an automatic critical hit. This does not need to be performed on a single enemy, but the attack key cannot be released during the combo or it will be lost and reset.

The critical hit animation for the Dead Hand is a downward punch swing. After that, the hand will jerk and produce a mechanical twitching noise before resuming the normal idle animation, though this is only a visual effect. The critical hit animation will also play when attacking friendly players and when building/upgrading the Engineer's own buildings.

Using the Gunslinger allows the Engineer to build the Combat Mini-Brain-Sentry Gun, instead of the standard Sentry Gun. The Mini-Brain-Sentry takes only 2.5 seconds to build, costs only 100 metal, and fires 50% faster. However, it cannot be upgraded or repaired, and each shot deals 50% of the damage compared to that of a normal level 1 Sentry Gun.

Switching from this weapon to a different melee weapon will destroy all existing buildings.

Taunting with the Dead Hand will perform the Organ Grinder taunt kill.

Damage and function times

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Identical to: Gunslinger
Damage and function times
Base damage 100% 65
Point blank 55-75
Critical 195
Mini-crit 75-101
Damage repaired per hit 105
Upgrade amount per hit 25
Metal cost per repairing hit 1 + damage / 5
Metal cost for reloading ammo 1 / bullet
2 / rocket salvo
Function times
Attack interval 0.8 s
Values are approximate and determined by community testing.


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Haunted Metal Scrap Gunslinger [[Dead Hand|Template:Dictionary/items/dead hand]]
Item icon Haunted Metal Scrap.png + Item icon Gunslinger.png = Item icon Dead Hand.png

Related achievements

Leaderboard class engineer.png Engineer

Built to Last
Built to Last
Help a single building tank over 2000 damage without being destroyed.

Circle the Wagons
Circle the Wagons
Repair 50,000 damage to friendly buildings constructed by other players.

Doc, Stock, and Barrel
Doc, Stock, and Barrel
Repair a sentry gun under fire while being healed by a Medic.

Fistful of Sappers
Fistful of Sappers
Destroy 25 sappers on buildings built by other team members.

Get Along!
Get Along!
Manage to get to, and then remove, a sapper placed on your building while you were several meters away.
Land Grab
Land Grab
Help a teammate construct a building.

Quick Draw
Quick Draw
Kill a Spy and two sappers within 10 seconds.

Rio Grind
Rio Grind
Perform 50 repairs and/or reloads on a Sentry gun being Wrangled by another Engineer.

Silent Pardner
Silent Pardner
Upgrade 50 buildings built by other team members.

The Wrench Connection
The Wrench Connection
Kill a disguised spy with your Wrench.

Update history

October 31 , 2012 Patch (The Super Duper Scary Update)

  • The Dead Hand was added to the game.


  • The name of the item might refer to the known expression "Dead End" which means there isn't any place to go.


An Engineer holding both the Southern Hospitality and the Dead Hand at once.
  • There is currently an exploit that allows players to use a Mini-Sentry by changing from the Dead Hand, while holding a Mini-Sentry toolbox, to any other Wrench outside of spawn.
  • Weapon switching glitches can occur with the Dead Hand and any Wrench, which creates a glitched first-person model of the Dead Hand holding the selected Wrench at the same time (which should be impossible as they are both melee weapons, and thus could not be used together). It is also possible for the Dead Hand to appear as the Engineer's default glove.
    • A player can wield a different Wrench weapon whilst appearing to have the Dead Hand equipped by exiting the spawn area, equipping a different Wrench in the loadout, returning to the area, and taunting in front of the Resupply locker.
  • It is possible to "store" combo hits if alt-fire is held during and after each hit. Releasing alt-fire will cancel out this effect. The same effect will be produced if another weapon is switched out after a punch while holding down fire and then returning back to the Dead Hand for the next hit. This can be exploited to store crit attacks.
  • The right hand gib of the gibbed Dead Hand-wearing Engineer will still show his regular glove.
  • If an ÜberCharge is deployed on the Engineer using the Dead Hand, it will show a wrong skin position of the invulnerable Engineer.
  • The weapon does not feature a team-colored glow when crit boosted.
  • If connection to the item server is lost while equipped with the Dead Hand, the Engineer's left arm will be invisible on all weapons.


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