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I am not afraid of no derps! I refuse to be afraid of no derps!
The 'old' Soldier on the Historical Hitman

The Ghostly Gibus is a hat wearable by all classes. It is a less dusty Ghastly Gibus with a black band and a tiny ghost (that has jiggle bones) hiding under the brim, similar to the miniature MONOCULUS hiding under the brim of the Ghastlierest Gibus.

All types of gibus, except the Ghostly Gibus itself, that were obtained before the Spectral Halloween Special were given the "Ghostly" style, which gives it the Ghostly Gibus appearance. The Ghostly Gibus can be earned by obtaining the "Ghastly Gibus Grab" Achievement.

Related achievements

Pumpkin.png Scarechievements

Ghastly Gibus Grab
Ghastly Gibus Grab
Dominate a player wearing any achievement Gibus hat to earn your own Ghastly Gibus.

Update history

October 26, 2012 Patch (Spectral Halloween Special)

  • The Ghostly Gibus was added to the game.