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uh ok.
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Welcome to a world of horror and despair

and also butterflies
Basic information
Icon: Killicon cow.png
(Type ): ugeh
Gender: Male
Health: 20
Birth place: Venezuela
Native language: English, Spanish
Team Fortress 2
Favourite classes: not math
Contact information
Steam page: neat ale

no1 likes that guy.

wtf i just realized i was 15 when i got my wikicap does that make me the youngest wikicapper

I AM ALE, I AM A GOD. I translate pages to spanish and pretty much keep the spanish wiki up to date asap and fix errors in pages and grammar stuff and all that and even translate templates or upload needed pics and welcoming a lot of users and giving some advice, I also vector stuff and do artsy things. I am from Venezuela, which is a thirdworld penishole and it sucks, our president is corrupt as nipples. I also died. Rip

Use Ale norunninginthehallway.png

Main classes are Solly, Pyro and Demo, but meh, I can play as all.

I own a PS3 and an Xbox, add alewerf if you want to play stuff and thingies.

some kind of gallery

stuff I have dome

User Dio TF2 Hispanic Logo.png
Oh boy

Steam tray.png my steam account name is aleleet btw

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