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Documentation for Robot icon

Used to display Robot icons on mission pages. For displaying non-robot classes, please use {{Icon class}}.


Scout based

Scout = scout
Scout giant fast
Super Scout = scout giant fast
Scout stun
Minor / Hyper / Major League Scout = scout stun
Scout bat
 ? = scout bat
Scout bonk
Bonk Scout = scout bonk
Scout fan
Fan Scout = scout fan
Scout shortstop
Shortstop Scout = scout shortstop
Scout stun armored
Armored Sandman Scout = scout stun armored
Scout jumping
Jumping Sandman Scout = scout jumping

Soldier based

Soldier = soldier
Soldier blackbox
Black Box Soldier = soldier blackbox
Soldier liberty launcher
Blast Soldier = soldier libertylauncher
Soldier backup
Backup Soldier = soldier backup
Soldier buff
Buff Soldier = soldier buff
Soldier conch
Conch Soldier = soldier conch
Soldier crit
Charged Soldier = soldier crit
Soldier infinite
Rapid Fire Soldier = soldier infinite
Soldier barrage
Barrage Soldier = soldier barrage
Soldier spammer
Burst Fire Soldier = soldier spammer
Soldier sergeant crits
Sergeant Crits = soldier sergeant crits
Major crits
Major Crits = major crits

Note for Mission Makers that use
this page as a reference for robot icon names:
Rapid Fire Soldier's icon filename in-game is actually
named soldier_spammer, while Burst Fire Soldier's
icon is named soldier_burstfire.

Pyro based

Pyro = pyro
Pyro flare
Flare Pyro = pyro flare

Demoman based

Demoman = demoman
Demoknight = demoknight
Demoknight samurai
Samurai Demoknight = demoknight samurai
Demo burst
Burst Demoman = demo burst
Demo bomber
Major Bomber = demo bomber

Heavy based

Heavy = heavy
Heavy champ
Heavyweight Champ = heavy champ
Heavy deflector
Deflector Heavy = heavy deflector
Heavy deflector push
Pusher Deflector Heavy = heavy deflector push
Heavy deflector healonkill
Heal-on-kill / Heal-on-hit Deflector Heavy = heavy deflector healonkill
Heavy shotgun
Shotgun Heavy = heavy shotgun
Heavy heater
Heater Heavy = heavy heater
Heavy mittens
Heavy Mittens = heavy mittens
Heavy steelfist
Steel Gauntlet = heavy steelfist
Heavy gru
Heavyweight Champ (Fast) = heavy gru
Heavy chief
Captain Punch = heavy chief

Engineer based

Engineer = engineer
Teleporter = teleporter

Medic based

Medic = medic
Medic uber
Über Medic = medic uber

Sniper based

Sniper = sniper
Sniper bow
Bowman = sniper bow
Sniper bow multi
Rapid Fire Bowman = sniper bow multi
Sniper jarate
Jarate Master = sniper jarate
Sniper sydneysleeper
Sydney Sniper = sniper sydneysleeper

Spy based

Spy = spy


Sentry buster
Sentry Buster = sentry buster
Tank = tank
Blimp = blimp