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This article is for Competitive play, based on the Standard competitive format. For the generic article on this topic, see: Process.
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Process (competitive)
Cp process b2 2.jpg
Basic information
Map type Control Point
File name: cp_process_final
Developer(s): Ian "ScorpioUprising" Cuslidge
Map Info
Environment: Alpine
Setting: Daylight, sunny
Deep Water: No
Map Items
Healthico.png Health Kits: Smallhealth.png ×5  •  Mediumhealth.png ×6
Ammoico.png Ammo Boxes: Smallammo.png ×12   •   Mediumammo.png ×8
Map Photos
Menu photos cp process final.png

Process is a Standard Control Point custom map created by ScorpioUprising. cp_process was made an official map in the Summer 2013 update.

The map sees widespread use in 6v6, in league games, pickup games and lobbies.


Control Point 3

The Control Point is set in a large depression, surrounded by rocks and shipping containers

  • Entrances: Each team has 3 entrances to the point. One behind the crates, one that leads to a platform near the crates, and a choke that leads out onto the rocks
  • Platform: The platform exit directly looks over the point, and provides a nice height advantage to the player.
  • Behind: The exit behind the crates is perpendicular to the platform, and adjacent to the rocks. It provides direct access to both team's platforms
  • Choke: The choke is located in the corners of the mid. The sight line is blocked by a large rock.
  • Control Point: The point is in the center of the area, flanked by two shipping containers. There's a small bridge connecting both crates directly above the point, that gives an aggressive player control of the point

Control Points 2 & 4

This control point has 3 connectors from mid. It is made up of a spire overlooking a valley, with a balcony on the opposite side.

  • Entrances: There are multiple entrances to the point. There are two, above and below each other, from the platform exit on mid. There are two more from the back side entrance to mid, and a final entrance through the choke.
  • Spire: The spire hold the control point. It is connected to the balcony by a bridge, and to the valley by a set of stairs.
  • Valley: The valley is overshadowed by the spire. It separates the spire from the choke and backside entrance to mid.
  • Balcony: The balcony is behind the spire, and leads to the last point. It is a very defensible position, only being shorter than the spire itself.

Control Points 1 & 5

The last control point is made up of a platform with the control point on it, overlooked by a balcony. It is connected to the second by hallways and a lobby.

  • Lobby: The lobby is connected directly to the balcony of second, and spills onto the platform on last. It contains a medium health and ammo pack
  • Platform: The platform sits directly in the middle of the room. It is overlooked by the balcony.
  • Balcony: The balcony sits on the back of the room, above everything else. It provides a defensible position for the team
  • Hallways: On one side of the last, there is a set of hallways leading to the second point. They are a prime defensive position being difficult to push into.


Control Point 3

Mid Fight

  • Most teams hold on their side of the crates
    • The Roamer Should bomb the enemy combo as they come out of choke, or hold on top of the crates and spam
    • The Pocket should hold on top of the crates and spam, but be ready to fall back to defend the medic. Alternatively, the pocket can play more defensively and hold with the medic
    • The Demoman should hold on the platform, and spam across the point
    • The scouts should rush the other team and attempt to kill the combo


  • Depending on the Ubercharge, teams will usually hold by the choke closer to the other team's second
    • The combo should uber through the choke and engage the other combo and do damage
    • The roamer should bomb through the sewer or the computer room, and try to cut off a retreating combo or demo
    • The demo should follow the combo through the choke and spam on the combo
    • Scouts should follow through sewer or computer room, and attempt to kill the other team's scouts and trap the combo


  • If the other team has more players, or an Uber advantage, it is advised to hold far back, by your choke. If you have the Ubers are equal, you should hold by their choke
    • The combo should hold on the health platform
    • The demo should stay near big rock, and keep spamming through choke so that the other team doesn't walk in
    • The roamer and scouts should be in Computer Room and Sewer. Most prefer to have the Roamer in sewer

Control Points 2 & 4


  • Most teams hold close on the choke, but some prefer to move into Computer room and push from there
    • The combo should uber through their preferred entrance. The pocket should jump the spire and try to force off the other team's players
    • The demo should follow the combo in. When the Pocket jumps, he should get the remaining uber, and attempt to spam out the other players as they hold, or cut them off as they retreat
    • The roamer and scouts should jump in and fight the other team. As the combo pushes the other team out, they are supposed to cap.


  • Most teams hold on or behind the spire, and respond to uber pushes by trying to kite into the tunnels leading to last, and then uberring back out into the other team
    • The Medic should hold behind the spire and make his team come to him for healing
    • The pocket should hold on the spire, and attempt to keep people from taking it
    • The Demo should hold on or next to the spire, and spam the other team as they come in. Placing a sticky trap on the computer room entrance, and then spamming with grenades into choke can often force teams to pop long before they enter the fight, giving the defending team an advantage
    • The Scouts should hold in computer room. They're job is to keep the other team from creeping in, and to push out into mid and try to pick the medic if the opportunity arises
    • The Roamer should hold in Sewer. The Medium health pack gives him a lot of staying power.

Control Points 1 & 5


  • Attacking last has many options on Process. The most common push is to pop through the middle tunnel, while the flank classes follow through the other entrances
    • The pocket's job is to jump into the other team and cause damage. Often, there will be a heavy or engineer. If this is the case, the pocket should focus on taking them down so that the flank classes can get on point
    • The medic should pop his pocket in and then try to keep his team healed until he dies or his team wins
    • The Demo should help the pocket focus down any heavy classes, and then put spam on the other team. Players often huddle together in front of the spawn door, so a good player can do large amounts of damage.
    • The scouts should push in from the far right flank when it is safe to do so. If the other team is running a heavy class, they should wait until they've been taken care of. If not, they should get on point to force the other team to divert attention from the combo
    • The roamer should jump in and try to kill things. If the other team is running an Engineer or sniper, they can attempt to edge or suicide to give their team an advantage when pushing in.


  • Defending is much more static than attacking as far as positioning, but Process is very off class friendly.
    • The combo should hold in front of the spawn door, or on the balcony above the door. When the other team pops in, the medic should try to hold his uber for as long as possible, and pop when it is necessary to save one of the heavy classes.
    • The demo should hold just behind the combo. It's usually advised to put up a trap in at least one of the entrances, as they often can kill an important class, and even ruin a push. When the other team pushes in, he should focus on spamming, and keeping damage on the point, so that other players can't just walk on it
    • Scouts are advised to off class. Heavy, Pyro, Engi, and Sniper can all work well, but it is important to tell your team which one you've switched to.
      • As Heavy, you should stand on point, and receive a buff if time allows for it. When the other team pops in, focus on the flank players, and keep them off the point. If you take damage, ask your medic to flash you with uber
      • As Engineer, you should build in one of the small alcoves around the point. When the other team comes in, focus on keeping your sentry up as long as possible
      • As Pyro, hold in front of the Combo, and when the uber comes in, airblast them back. If you don't die, stand on point and keep players off for as long as possible
    • Roamer should hold on the far left, and peek into lobby if the other team allows. Alternatively, he can off class if the situation calls for it


  • The Rollouts for Process are easy to learn, but contains several elements that allow experienced players to arrive to mid very fast.

Video of the Demoman Rollout:

Video of the Soldier Rollout:


As Demo, you should static jump to the door. As you walk out, jump off the pillar to the right of spawn, and attempt to slide up the ramp at the corner of the room. Once you enter second, you should jump to choke, attempting to slide up the ramp that leads into mid. If you hit it right you can land on your med pack.


As Roamer, you should jump off the pillar to the right of spawn, and skip up the ramp by firing a rocket as you pass over it. Once you get outside, jump towards choke and skip off the bridge on spire. Depending on your skill level you can attempt a final skip off of the choke ramp, and land on the enemy health pack, or land and await a buff.