July 18, 2011 Patch

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Patch notes

Team Fortress 2

  • Added a music clip from Meet the Medic to the menu startup music list.
  • Fixed a case where stickybombs could sometimes damage enemies on the other side of a wall.
  • Updated duels to apply a short duel ban to the loser if they team switched or disconnected during the duel.
  • Updated The Private Eye so it can be equipped by the Medic and Demoman.[1]
  • Updated Crafting:
  • Updated Matchmaking:
    • Added a progress bar and server count during the matchmaking search
    • Added more filtering on the master server to avoid pinging non-matching servers
  • Community Requests:
    • Mod makers:
      • Added inputs to the player:
        • "SetCustomModelRotation": Parameter is a string that specifies the angle rotation (Pitch, Yaw, Roll)
        • "ClearCustomModelRotation". No parameter. Will return the model rotation to following the player view yaw.
      • Restarted the player's animation cycle whenever the custom model changes.
    • Movie makers:
      • Added "tf_clientsideeye_lookats" convar. Set it to zero to disable TF players automatic clientside pupil focusing on nearby players.

Undocumented changes

  • Added Grordbort's rockets to ctf_2fort, pl_badwater and pl_barnblitz.
  • Fixed the Matchmaking menu not completely darkening the background when clicked.
  • Fixed the Matchmaking menu from letter boxing while searching for a server.
  • Fixed a typo for the Quick-Fix recipe displaying refined instead of reclaimed as the required metal for crafting.
  • The Postal Pummeler is now craftable.


  1. The Private Eye was made equippable on the Medic and Demoman on July 9, 2011, and July 12, 2011 respectively, through updates to the item schema. Commits 86140922… (01:35:08 UTC) and 7d5de030… (18:10:05 UTC) on OPTF2 Wiki Schema Tracker. Accessed July 19, 2011.
  2. All items from the Refreshing Summer Cooler Crates were made craftable on July 12, 2011, through updates to the item schema. Commit 7d5de030… (18:10:05 UTC) on OPTF2 Wiki Schema Tracker. Accessed July 19, 2011.

Files changed

Note: The changelog below is generated from a diff of two revisions of the game. This data may be incomplete or inconsistent.
Revision changes
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dll
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.dylib
Modified: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/bin/server.so
Added: team fortress 2 content.gcf/tf/sound/ui/gamestartup11.mp3
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/materials/models/props_skybox/grocket_001.vtf
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/props_skybox/grocket_001.dx80.vtx
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/props_skybox/grocket_001.dx90.vtx
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/props_skybox/grocket_001.mdl
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/props_skybox/grocket_001.sw.vtx
Added: team fortress 2 materials.gcf/tf/models/props_skybox/grocket_001.vvd