Haunted Fortress 2 (Soundtrack)

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Team Fortress 2
Official Soundtrack
  1. "Team Fortress 2 (Main Theme)"
  2. "Playing With Danger"
  3. "Rocket Jump Waltz"
  4. "The Art of War"
  5. "Faster Than a Speeding Bullet"
  6. "Right Behind You"
  7. "Petite Chou-Fleur"
  8. "Intruder Alert"
  9. "Drunken Pipe Bomb"
  10. "More Gun"
  11. "Haunted Fortress 2"
  12. "TF2 Saxxy 2011 Theme"
  13. "A Little Heart to Heart"
  14. "MEDIC!"
  15. "Archimedes"
  16. "Dreams of Cruelty"
  17. "The Calm"
  18. "ROBOTS!"
  19. "Dapper Cadaver"
  20. "Rise of the Living Bread"
  21. "Red Bread"
  22. "Three Days to Live"
  23. "Seduce Me!"
  24. "Stink Lines"
  25. "It Hates Me So Much"
  26. "Misfortune Teller"
  27. "Soldier of Dance"
  28. "RED Triumphs!"
  29. "BLU Triumphs!"
  30. "Yeti Park"
  31. "Saxton's Dilemma"
  32. "Mercenary Park"
  33. "Saluting the Fallen"

"Haunted Fortress 2" is one of the song titles featured from the Team Fortress 2 Official Soundtrack, listed as track number eleven, and is one of 32 main menu start up themes. It is the eighth track to be added via patch subsequent to the game's release. It was released alongside the 2010 Scream Fortress Update Halloween event. "Haunted Fortress 2" was removed from the game on October 29, 2014 during the Scream Fortress VI event, and added back in on July 2, 2015 with the Gun Mettle Update.



Key: None (no key center)
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 90 BPM
Length: 1:22
Release Date: October 27, 2010
Update: Scream Fortress
Composer: Mike Morasky
Instrumentation: organ, caliope, marimba, tubular bells

"Haunted Fortress 2" does not seem to be inspired by other entries on the soundtrack. It is, however, seemingly inspired by stylistic choices made in many horror film scores and in cartoons, which often make use of the chromatic scale, pipe organ, and bells.

The piece begins with tubular bells, with cat screams alternated between. The pipe organ enters, and is eventually accompanied by caliope and marimba, as well as screams and laughter. Caliope plays a quasi-bass line, and marimba repeatedly plays up and down a chromatic scale. After this, accompaniment drops out and the organ fades until the end, though still accompanied by screaming.

Update history

October 27, 2010 Patch (Scream Fortress Update)

  • This song was added as main menu music.

November 19, 2010 Patch

  • Fixed the holiday gamestartup sound files being included in the random startup selection after the holiday is over.

October 29, 2014 Patch

  • [Undocumented] Removed old Scream Fortress startup music track from the game.

July 2, 2015 Patch (Gun Mettle Update)

  • [Undocumented] Re-added Haunted Fortress 2 to the game (as gamestartup_halloween.wav), and renamed Misfortune Teller from gamestartup_halloween.wav to gamestartup_halloween1.wav


  • The track features many different sounds available from the Noise Makers, which were purchasable through the Mann Co. Store during the Halloween 2010 period.
  • The track contains screaming sounds used by the Witch in the Left 4 Dead series at 0:32 and 0:43.