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Now that is just dynamite!
The Engineer

The Dynamite Pack, also known as the MIRV Grenade, is a scrapped grenade for the Demoman. It consists of several sticks of dynamite strapped together and swung from an attached cord by the Demoman, allowing him to physically throw it ahead of him. The grenade weapon version has five sticks and is connected to a numeric keypad. The secondary version has three sticks all held together by a leather strap.

After the first and largest detonation, the strap breaks and the individual sticks of dynamite are scattered across the vicinity of the initial blast, after which they too explode with a slightly smaller individual blast radius. The Dynamite Pack was eventually scrapped when throwable hand grenades were removed from the game.

The Dynamite Pack is prominently wielded by the Demoman in both Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. It was originally intended to be a grenade, but got removed from the game after grenades were scrapped. The weapon would have functioned like its Team Fortress Classic counterpart.


  • Valve's artwork for the Golden Charity features the Demoman about to blow up the Golden Wrench using a stick of dynamite.
  • The Dynamite Pack can be seen in Meet the Demoman on the lower right-hand corner of the screen when he is being interviewed.
  • The Demoman uses a bundle of dynamite that resembles the grenade version of this weapon to blow up the train in End of the Line.
  • When decompiled, the .qc file for tf\models\weapons\w_models\w_grenade_bomblet.mdl (the single stick of dynamite) has a particle called fuse_spark set to be attached to the model's "wick" bone. This particle is missing from the game as it was never in a public release build but it can be seen in Trailer 2 when the Demoman uses the Dynamite Pack on the Sentry Gun. As of the Mecha Update, the addition of the Loose Cannon brought with it a particle effect called fuse_sparks for the weapon's cannonball projectile that looks similar to the particle seen in Trailer 2.


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