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Compctf title.png

"CTF in Team Fortress 2 is a spamfest!", said the CTF-haters. We thought it was time to change that mindset. Now you have 26 ways to prove the nay-sayers wrong! All of these maps were designed from the ground up to fix what doesn't work in competitive Capture The Flag; you definitely won't feel like you're playing 2fort here! So go on, and play these 'til your heart's content. Help us choose the best of the best.

The Competitive CTF Contest was a mapping contest run by and sponsored by Novint. It encouraged mappers to create Capture the Flag maps for a competitive environment. It resulted in 26 entries, and a combination of judge and public voting was used to determine the winners. One of the winners (CTF_Landfall) was later included in the Tough Break Update.

Top Entries

Thumbnail Map Name Author Score (out of 100)
Ctf wildfire rc.jpg Wildfire Patrick "MangyCarface" Mulholland 84
Ctf deliverance b3 bludrill.jpg Deliverance Mark "Shmitz" Major 81
Ctf fusion b1.jpg Fusion Kevin "Ravidge" Brook 79
Ctf converge mid.jpg Converge Aaron "Psy" Garcha 76
Wiretap main.jpg Wiretap Aeon "Void" Bollig 73
Ctf cloudburst.jpg Cloudburst Aly 73
Stockpile main.jpg Stockpile Hanz 70
Bedrock main.jpg Bedrock Conor "Saint Jimmy" Hughes 67
Ctf landfall rc0004.jpg Landfall Andrew "Dr. Spud" Thompson 66
Overlook main.jpg Overlook DaBeatzProject 57
Mercy main.jpg Mercy Vilepickle 56

Unranked Entries

Thumbnail Map Name Author
Ctf alaska1.jpg Alaska Tom "Zpqrei" Pritchard
Assembly1.jpg Assembly The Political Gamer
Cesspool1.jpg Cesspool FubarFX
Ctf dammed1.jpg Dammed Strangemodule
Ctf deceit1.jpg Deceit Ezekel
Ctf fogbow1.jpg Fogbow TerabyteST
Ctf gumption1.png Gumption Geal
Ctf metalwood1.jpg Metalwood Sniprpenguin
Ctf mexico1.jpg Mexico Stickzero
Ctf norma1.jpg Norma Furex
Ctf rippleside1.jpg Rippleside Eyce
Ctf sabotage1.jpg Sabotage Grazr
Ctf slushway.png Slushway Grim Tuesday
Ctf syphon1.jpg Syphon Noggin
Ctf underhanded1.jpg Underhanded Ezekel