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This article is about the non-player character. For the comic, see Bombinomicon (comic). For the cosmetic item, see Bombinomicon.
Bombinomicon awarding players prizes on Loot Island.
FOOL! Ye have gazed upon the Bombinomicon!

​Bombinomicon is a $6.66 (discount) 15th edition book of forbidden knowledge and ancient wickedness, and the smarmy ​Host of ​Hell. Bombinomicon has been in the possession of Merasmus the Magician, who was known to summon it to cast the horror of reading upon mere mortals. While despising the magician, Bombinomicon enjoyed showering veritable fountains of bombs on the mercenaries at the wizard's command. This arrangement did not stop Bombinomicon (when Merasmus wasn't watching) from turning the mercenaries' heads into bombs and sending them after Merasmus.

Bombinomicon tricked the boy Tavish (young Demoman) into gazing upon the tome's pages. This enabled Bombinomicon to totally haunt the boy's left eye. Quick action by the wizard saved the boy's life, casting away the haunted eye. The haunted disembodied eye became MONOCULUS.

Appearances and references

Inked in the blood, bound in the hide and written on the stolen paper of British kings! With over 400 pages of spells, enchantments, recipes and anecdotes about blowing things up, the Bombinomicon is a must-have for the practicing explosives aficionado and demolitions expert alike. Now in its fifteenth printing, every copy of the Bombinomicon is guaranteed to be possessed by an angry talking ghost.

"If ye gaze at one tome this year, MAKE IT NOT THIS ONE" - Merasmus the Magician
"Unputdownable! This book's jaws are like a vice." - Gravel Pit Arts Monthly

"If you like the dark arts and explosions, this might very well be the best book you read all year." - Demolition Gazette
— Bombinomicon's back cover
Game Maps
  • Bombinomicon first appeared in the game on Eyeaduct; players that jump into MONOCULUS's death portal find it guarding the exit from Loot Island.
  • On Ghost Fort, a chatty Bombinomicon has expanded roles, appearing in the hands of Merasmus when the wizard summons the book to cast a shower of bombs, at other times turning players' heads into bombs, and awarding prizes to players that survive the fight to the top of Skull Island.
  • After the events of Eyeaduct and Ghost Fort, and the incarceration of Merasmus, Bombinomicon found a new gig as the Devil in Hell, chatting with players in the Underworld.
  • Bombinomicon is also seen at the exit of Hell Island under Brimstone.
Bombinomicon pages


  • The name "Bombinomicon" is a portmanteau of the words Bomb and Necronomicon, a fictional book from the works of H. P. Lovecraft.
  • There are hidden images inside the pages of the Bombinomicon in Eyeaduct showing a monster wearing the Demoman grenades in a circle and other assorted Demoman and bomb-making paraphernalia.
  • Bombinomicon is voiced by Nolan North, who also voiced Merasmus.[1]