(A) Symétrie CP concours

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(A) Symétrie CP concours
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Adresse: http://asymmetrycp.tf2maps.net

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The (A)Symmetry CP Contest was a mapping contest hosted by TF2Maps.net. The contest's aim was to see who could the best overall map from scratch over a span of 5 months using the Control Point Game Mode, be an Attack/Defend CP or 5CP. 17 entries (13 Asymmetrical and 4 Symmetrical) were made and are being voted on using a combined public and judge voting system.

Here at TF2Maps.net, we're pretty indecisive (we think), especially when it comes to choosing a gametype for our contests. So, we decided to push the hard thought onto our mappers, and give them 5 months to make a control point map that was either Symmetrical or Asymmetrical. In the end, seventeen spectacular maps were entered into TF2Maps.net's sixth major contest, and now you get to help us decide on which maps are the best! No, seriously, we need your expertise; so go download the maps and play through 'em.

Entrées asymétriques

Vignette Nom de la map Auteur
Breakout Contest.jpg Breakout Karnage
Canyonfodder Contest.jpg Canyonfodder Ezekel
Copperhead Contest.jpg Copperhead Supersandvich
Desertion Contest.jpg Desertion yyler
Frozen Assets Contest.jpg Frozen Assets Angry_Ed
Mojave Contest.jpg Mojave Hanz
Pilolukpass Contest.jpg Pilolukpass Cakeman
Powderhorn Contest.jpg Powderhorn Honeymustard
Relay Contest.jpg Relay Loc_n_lol
Sekhmet Contest.jpg Sekhmet EArkham
Ship Contest.jpg Ship Azy
Slush Contest.jpg Slush Moose
Zig Contest.jpg Zig Rexy

Entrées symétriques

Vignette Nom de la carte Auteur
Clocktower Contest.jpg Clocktower Languid
Croissant Contest.jpg Croissant Arnold
Omen Contest.jpg Omen FubarFX
Process Contest.jpg Process ScorpioUprising

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