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{{Map infobox
| game-type                = Control Point
| map-strategy              = yes
| map-image                = Cp_altitude.png
| file-name                = cp_altitude
| developer                = {{steamid|76561198079458315|Evan "Defcon" Leblanc}}<br>{{steamid|76561198025680450|Alex "FGD5" Stewart}}<br>{{steamid|76561198072146551|Liam "Diva Dan" Moffitt}}
| release-date              = December 2, 2021
| last-updated              = December 3, 2021
| map-hazards              = [[Pitfall]]s
| map-environment          = Alpine
| map-setting              = Daylight, snowy
| map-stamp-link            =
| map-health-pickups-small  = 6
| map-health-pickups-medium = 11
| map-health-pickups-large  = 1
| map-ammo-pickups-small    = 2
| map-ammo-pickups-medium  = 8
| map-ammo-pickups-large    = 1
| map-bots                  = 1
This article is about Community Altitude strategy.
'''Note''': It is recommended to read the main [[Altitude]] article first to become familiar with the names of key map locations used in this article.
==General Strategy==
* Every control point has multiple flank routes leading up to it. If one particular path is not working out, then try another.
** However, these very same flank routes can be utilized by the defenders, so beware!
* Due to drastic variations in elevation, having the ability to quickly change one's vertical position is quite important for a successful assault.
* Certain locations, such as Cliffs, Warehouse or B Hut usually become the epicenters of Red defenses. As such, they need to be secured first, before checkpoints themselves.
** The Cliffs can be captured by either sneaking up to them from the left side, or by quickly [[Rocket jump]]ing to their top.
** The Warehouse is prone to being cut of from the Rocks.inc, thus isolating its defenders.
** The B Hut has an opening in its roof, through which explosives can be hurled.
* If the opportunity is right, Red members can occasionally outflank the attackers by making use of the various flank routes present.
* Defensive strategies such as laying Sticky traps and [[Turtling]], which may work on other maps, are not particularly effective here, due to a general lack of [[Chokepoint]]s.
* A Red team should not rely on [[Sniper]]s for defense, since good sightlines are often broken up by multiple pieces of cover.
* This map contains lots of nooks and crannies, which serve as excellent hiding places for [[Ambushing|ambushes]]. They include, but are not limited to:
** Top of a bookshelf inside the Side Building.
** Under the Water tower.
** Under a staircase in the B Hut.
== Class-specific strategy ==
=== {{class link|Scout}} ===
==== Offense ====
* Sneaking through the Side Building will allow you to get behind the Cliffs.
* By reaching the Rocks.inc, you will be able to flank behind the Warehouse and subsequently its defenders.
* Having either the [[Soda Popper]] or the [[Atomizer]] equipped grants you ability to jump on the B Hut's roof.
* Avoid heading directly into the B Hut, due to its cramped interior and the usual presence of a [[Sentry Gun]].
* Move carefully through the Cable Cars' terminal, as its enclosed and compact nature ensure that you are at a disadvantage.
* [[Bonk! Atomic Punch]] is useful for distracting Sentry Guns on the final point, which are numerous.* Sneaking through the Side Building will allow you to get behind the Cliffs.
==== Defense ====
* You can launch valleys of [[Mad Milk]], as well as other projectiles, from the elevations of Cliffs.
* Counter-flanking the attackers can be achieved through the Side Building.
* The Gated Shortcut can be quickly ascended with the help of the [[Force-A-Nature]]'s self-knockback.
* Blu attackers love to setup a forward base in the Server room. Although you cannot destroy it singlehandedly, you can still harass it by doing swift attacks from multiple sides.
** Particularly helpful here are weapons which can deal high burst damage, such as the [[Flying Guillotine]], as these allow you to pull of hit-n-run tactics
=== {{class link|Soldier}} ===
==== Offense ====
* It is important that you contest the Cliff position immediately after exiting the spawn, due to its immense [[High ground advantage]].
** You can do this by utilizing your [[Rocket jump]] ability.
* There is a small opening in the B Hut's top, through which it is possible to launch rockets onto the defenders below.
** Of course, this requires you to first take control over the B Hut's roof.
* Due to the abundance of [[Sentry Gun]]s found on the last control point, it is advised to use the [[Direct Hit]].
** The [[Battalion's Backup]] is also useful in this case.
* Approaching the Server room from the direction of Red's first spawn will put you at an advantage.
==== Defense ====
* Beware of enemy Soldiers attempting to steal your high ground on the Cliffs.
* Rocket jumping to the very top of B Hut will give you a good overview of the map, but will leave you exposed to enemy [[Sniper]]s.
* The [[Gunboats]] are very effective in the middle part of the map, where there is plenty of space for Rocket jumping.
* Use your explosives to wreck havoc on Blu Sentry nests commonly positioned in the Server room.
* Equipping one of the [[Banner]]s will significantly boost the defenses of the last control point, where team coordination is more important than individual performance.
** For example, a good [[Buff Banner]] charge can completely obliterate a push coming through the main [[Chokepoint]].
=== {{class link|Pyro}} ===
==== Offense ====
* Since the Blu team starts out in the low ground, [[Compression Blast]] will be needed in order to protect against incoming Red [[Projectiles]].
* Using the [[Powerjack]], a Pyro can swiftly flank through the Side Building and reach the Cliff's Rocks.inc.
* Due to a common [[Sentry Gun|Sentry]] position, it is advised against going directly in the B Hut. However, a simple [[ÜberCharge]] can solve this problem.
* It is possible to sneak up to the Red's final spawn from its left side, from which you can spam [[Flare Gun (disambiguation)|Flares]] onto the defenders below.
** This also allows you to blockade the Red spawn, all while avoiding the common Sentry positions around checkpoint C.
==== Defense ====
* Blu [[Spy|Spies]] like to infiltrate in through the Side Building, something you can put an immediate stop to.
* Once the Cliffs get captured, be prepared for a hail of Blu projectiles to be hurled against you and your teammates.
* The Cable Cars' terminal offer plenty of tight, congregated spaces which your shot-ranged flames can take advantage off.
* The [[Thermal Thruster]] is useful for quickly reaching the catwalks above the Server room.
=== {{class link|Demoman}} ===
==== Offense ====
* Use the arc of your projectiles in order to shower the Cliff in grenades.
* At control point A, You can block the Red team's escape route by laying sticky traps just in front of Blu's second spawn.
* Approaching the B hut from its left side will give you a good angle on the [[Sentry Gun]]s within it.
** Just beware of that [[Pitfall]] on the side while doing this.
* Defenders will often fortify the final point by setting up a Sentry nest right below the Server room, making it hard to approach without an [[ÜberCharge]].
* The compact nature of the Cable Cars' terminal allow your opponents to close the distance between you much faster. Something to be wary of.
==== Defense ====
* The [[Scottish Resistance]] is particularly effective on Control Point A, where you can overlook nearly all Blu spawn exit from the top of the Cliff's.
* The presence of various flank routes, combined with a general lack of Sentries, makes [[Demoknight]] a good pick on Altitude. Especially on defense.
* [[Trimping]] can be effectively performed on the B Hut's roof.
* Blu [[Engineer]]s love to setup a Teleporter exit in the Gated Shortcut, whose gates you can then sticky trap.
* Although this map does not contain many [[Chokepoint]]s, there are still some cramped areas through which attackers like funnel, such as: The Cliff's Rocks.inc building, the Triangular House, the Server Room and the chokepoint beneath it.
=== {{class link|Heavy}} ===
==== Offense ====
* It is of upmost importance that you provide suppressive fire to fellow attackers attempting to seize the Cliffs.
* Although [[Sniper]]s are not much of a threat on this map, they can still be lethal on the first control point, which is quite open.
* You can surprise your opponents on Control Point B by dropping through an opening in B Hut's roof.
* Red Snipers usually do not watch the Final point's right flank, giving you an opportunity to accomplish something.
==== Defense ====
* You will mostly encounter medium-range combat during the first part of Altitude, making the [[Tomislav]] a good choice here.
* Staying in the Warehouse is not recommended, since if you wish to retreat to Jenkin Coal.co, you will have to traverse a big sightline.
* As your team is retreating to Point B, you can act as a [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rearguard rear guard] by defending the Valley.
* Due to various flank routes present, the [[Buffalo Steak Sandvich]] can be used somewhat effectively around the area of Control Point B.
=== {{class link|Engineer}} ===
==== Offense ====
* Setting up a Sentry nest in the Side Building will allow it to support Blu teammates attacking Point A.
* Remember to replace your [[Teleporters|Teleporter]] Entrance after the first point is captured.
* The Triangular House serves as good construction grounds for a Sentry nest on Control point B. 
* Once again, due to the changing spawns, make sure to replace your (now) old Teleporter Entrance after Point B is secured.
* In preparations for an attack on Point C, you should setup a forward base in the Server Room, where it can directly support your teammates.
==== Defense ====
* Common Sentry positions on Point A include: Cliffs, Warehouse, Side Building for watching the flanks and Rocks.inc as a last line of defense.
* The [[Short Circuit]] is quite important in the cramped corridors of B Hut, where explosive projectiles are of significant threat.
=== {{class link|Medic}} ===
==== Offense ====
* Unlike on some other maps, an [[ÜberCharge]] is not required to safely exit the spawn, so save it for later.
* [[Overheal]]ing friendly [[Soldier]]s will allow them to safely rocket jump onto the Cliffs.
* By sneaking an ÜberCharge through the Rocks.inc, you will effectively cut of the Red team's escape route from Point A.
* Positioning yourself in the Triangular House puts you (mostly) out of harm's way, while still allowing you to heal teammates assaulting the B Hut.
* The Server room acts as a good springboard from which to launch an attack.
** While in it, it is good practice to climb onto the Servers themselves, as this will give you a slight leverage.
==== Defense ====
* While staying on the Cliffs, beware of Blu members flanking through the Side Building.
* Staying inside the Warehouse is risky, since if you have to retreat, you will have to traverse a big [[Sniper]] sightline.
* [[Scouts]] and other highly mobile classes excel on Control Point B, so it might be worthy to prioritize healing them.
* As you are withdrawing from the B Hut, beware of enemies attacking you from its roof, which is usually the first to fall.
** The [[Overdose]]'s speed boost can aid you in avoiding this.
=== {{class link|Sniper}} ===
==== Offense ====
* Exiting through the right most spawn exit will bring you to a small, slightly elevated wooden platform.
* Once Cliffs get captured, you should advance forward and take a position on them, so that you may target enemies defending the point.
* The Gated Shortcut grants you a powerful sightline directly to Point B.
* There is a flank route on the right side of Point C, which you can utilize to get a good angle on the Red's back line.
==== Defense ====
* Keep in mind that good Sniper sightlines are far and few in between on Altitude. As such, the classic [[Sniper Rifle]] is quite limited here.
* Due to a lack of decent Sniping positions, the [[Huntsman]]-Sniper playstyle might be more viable, at least in certain situations.
* On Control Point B, the B Hut's roof is a rewarding, albeit risky position.
* You can surprise many attackers by starring down the Server room from the right flank.
=== {{class link|Spy}} ===
{{Map strategy}}

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