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I will kill you with bare hands!
The Heavy pretending to be Saxton Hale

The Saxton is a cosmetic item for all classes. It is a nearly identical wide-brimmed Akubra to the one Saxton Hale wears, more specifically, on the Jungle Inferno video, with crocodile teeth fitted in slots in the hatband and a small tear on the edge of the brim.

The Saxton is awarded to players who complete the Brazil map contract's primary objective in the maps section of the Jungle Inferno Contracts.

Update history

October 20, 2017 Patch #1 (Jungle Inferno Update)

  • Added The Saxton to the game.

November 7, 2017 Patch

  • Fixed The Saxton not cloaking properly.


  • The Saxton might sometimes show a random neon-like color (recorded as blue, green, red or yellow), as it is incorrectly set to be paintable.